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 (ärch-dī′ə-sĭs, -sēs′, -sēz′)
The district under an archbishop's jurisdiction.

arch′di·oc′e·san (-ŏs′ĭ-sən) adj.


(ˌɑːtʃˈdaɪəˌsiːs; -sɪs)
(Ecclesiastical Terms) the diocese of an archbishop
archdiocesan adj


(ˌɑrtʃˈdaɪ əˌsis, -sɪs)

the diocese of an archbishop.
arch`di•oc′e•san (-ˈɒs ə sən) adj.
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Noun1.archdiocese - the diocese of an archbishop
bishopric, diocese, episcopate - the territorial jurisdiction of a bishop


[ˈɑːtʃˈdaɪəsɪs] Narchidiócesis f inv


[ˌɑːrtʃˈdaɪəsɪs] narchidiocèse m
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The Archdiocese took a lead in developing tertiary provision when, in 1987, St David's College was established to provide post-16 Catholic education.
5 million _ to help the Archdiocese of Los Angeles pay the more than $720 million settlement owed to sex-abuse victims.
It said the archdiocese was trying to squelch future cases of sexual abuse by making it impossible to document those cases.
A Springfield man is suing the Archdiocese of Omaha, alleging that he suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a priest nearly 30 years ago.
CHICAGO--New allegations of clergy sex abuse have surfaced in the Archdiocese of Chicago, where Father Daniel McCormack has been charged with abusing three boys, ages 9 to 11, in incidents dating from September 2001 to December 2005, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.
Toronto -- Father Peter Hundt, 49, of the diocese of Hamilton, has been appointed auxiliary bishop to the Archdiocese of Toronto.
He accused the archdiocese of paying for medical treatment of Mr Robinson and of not doing enough to make him return to the UK to answer the accusations.
Documents recently released by the Boston Archdiocese disclose that Shanley "admit[ted] to the substance of complaints -- sexual activity with 4 adolescent males.
In 1994, following a board of directors meeting at one of the five nursing facilities owned and operated by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Reverend Monsignor Joseph P.
To make matters worse, the Archdiocese of New York has announced that it will stop giving subsidies to all of the city's Catholic schools by 1997.
Witnesses to the special event included the Linbeck construction team, leaders of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, architect Ziegler Cooper, and local business leaders.
Those doing the investigation must be approved by both and not just the archdiocese.