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Adj.1.archepiscopal - of or associated with an archbishop; "an archiepiscopal see"
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Thank you for reporting this powerful response, with the Roman Catholic Archepiscopal Corporation of Winnipeg, to the withdrawal of government funding for church-sponsored refugees.
Lars Paul Esbjorn, Report on the Development and Current State of the Swedish Lutheran Congregations in North America, Presented at the Clergy Meeting of the Upsala Archepiscopal See, 14 June 1865, trans.
See Homer Eaton Keyes, "The Princeton Madonna and Some Related Paintings, American Journal of Archaeology, 17 (1913): 210-222; Other panels of this type come from Tuscany or Umbria: Madonna della Passione, #3886 in the Uffizi Gallery (Florence) which can be traced back to San Girolamo, Fiesole; the Madonna della Passione, Archepiscopal Museum, Assisi.
This Archepiscopal mandement condemned Berruyer's original edition of Histoire du people de Dieu in 1728, as well as all subsequent editions (1728, 1733), abridgements (1753, 1754), and even Berruyer's defense of his own work in 1755 and 1759.