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Noun1.architectural style - architecture as a kind of art formarchitectural style - architecture as a kind of art form  
art form - (architecture) a form of artistic expression (such as writing or painting or architecture)
Bauhaus - a German style of architecture begun by Walter Gropius in 1918
Byzantine architecture - the style of architecture developed in the Byzantine Empire developed after the 5th century; massive domes with square bases and round arches and spires and much use of mosaics
classical architecture, Greco-Roman architecture - architecture influenced by the ancient Greeks or Romans
Gothic architecture, Gothic - a style of architecture developed in northern France that spread throughout Europe between the 12th and 16th centuries; characterized by slender vertical piers and counterbalancing buttresses and by vaulting and pointed arches
Romanesque, Romanesque architecture - a style of architecture developed in Italy and western Europe between the Roman and the Gothic styles after 1000 AD; characterized by round arches and vaults and by the substitution of piers for columns and profuse ornament and arcades
Moorish, Moorish architecture - a style of architecture common in Spain from the 13th to 16th centuries; characterized by horseshoe-shaped arches
Victorian architecture - a style of architecture used in Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria; characterized by massive construction and elaborate ornamentation
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Without as well as within, the houses seem inhospitable and mysterious--an impression which is difficult to explain, unless it has something to do with the actual architectural style.
You can add character and beauty to your home by learning more about your house's architectural style and adding design elements to complement the look.
A unique feature of the Hejazi architectural style is projecting wooden balconies, called rawshan, which comprise decorated doors and windows carved into screens that allow the passage of air for ventilation while at the same time ensuring the privacy of occupants.
The architectural style of the marble-made bathhouses is similar to that of the Damascene houses as their halls include a large number of arches and oriental paintings in addition to other oriental ornaments.
Companies need to determine which architectural style best meets their multidomain MDM requirements.
Profusely illustrated throughout, enhanced with samples and examples of interior layouts, synopsis of diverse architectural styles, "Creating Your Own Architectural Style" is especially ideal for the non-specialist general reader who is contemplating having their own home built to their own specifications, needs, conceptual ideas, and budget limitations.
Initial models are inspired by Ireland's Americana style guide, but her Architectural style guide products will also be featured.
Hess will discuss the history and the comeback of this architectural style Wednesday at 7:30 p.
You have restrictive covenants; in some communities that may be the architectural style.
The Acklam had the longest bar on Teesside and had more architectural style than the Odeon.
The first is the definition of almost every architectural style as an '-ism' (Baroque is left as it is, thank goodness, and minimalism is absent--a nice joke).
Appendices list entries by location, architectural style and architect for added research value.

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