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Noun1.arcus - a whitish deposit in the shape of an arc that is sometimes seen in the cornea
cornea - the transparent dome-shaped anterior portion of the outer covering of the eye; it covers the iris and pupil and is continuous with the sclera
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said Arcus was developed to reduce overall healthcare costs and demonstrates improved outcomes by delivering interactive care to patients in the comfort of their home or at work.
In addition to recording exercise sessions real-time, Arcus provides keen insights based on the patient's progress over time.
Arcus cornea was the most common sign of ageing in both sexes, and more common among men aged >70 and women aged >80.
The company started a phase one trial of the product in healthy volunteers and Arcus plans to initiate a phase 1/2 trial of AB928 in combination with AB122 in cancer patients during the first half of 2018.
Arcus specialises in 2D animation and has carried out with major broadcasters such as CBBC and E4.
ARCUS foreclosed on the property, and it was sold at a trustee's sale on March 11, 2011, where ARCUS credit bid successfully for $1,502,686.
Arcus Biosciences is a privately held cancer immunotherapy company with headquarters in Hayward, Calif.
Overall they were a natural choice," said Naren Yanamadala, President and CEO of Blue Arcus Technologies.
Great Apes Giving Day, a multi-year pilot project of the Arcus Foundation, was conceived as a means to address the need of great ape sanctuaries and rescue centers to build financial support for their critical work.
Trophy Taker marks Arcus Hunting's fifth investment in the archery space since November 2014.
One of the pictures taken by Neil Arcus that sparked the armed response hunt