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A unit of dry measure in several countries of the Middle East, standardized in Egypt to equal 198 liters (5.62 US bushels) but varying widely elsewhere.

[Arabic dialectal 'ardabb, from Aramaic 'rdb or Coptic artab or Greek artabē, all probably of Old Persian origin.]


(Units) a unit of dry measure used in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries. In Egypt it is approximately equal to 0.195 cubic metres
[C19: from Arabic ardabb, from Greek artabē a Persian measure]


(ˈɑr dɛb)

a unit of capacity in Egypt and neighboring countries officially equivalent in Egypt to 5.62 U.S. bushels.
[1860–65; < dial. Arabic ardabb « Aramaic 'rdb, perhaps < Old Persian]
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Noun1.ardeb - a unit of dry measure used in Egypt
dry measure, dry unit - a unit of capacity for dry commodities (as fruit or grain)
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Cabinet spokesman Hossam Qawesh stated that the government is committed purchasing one ardeb of wheat [equal to roughly 150kg] for EGP 420 for the coming season, amid efforts to reduce dependence on imports in the light of weak dollar reserves.
Minister of Supply Khaled Hanafy criticised the idea during a meeting with the Division of Cairo Bakeries and the governor of Cairo, stating that the price the state pays local farmers for one ardeb is EGP 420 and "it won't change".
The Ministry of Finance suggested raising the price of wheat for local farmers to EGP 500 per ardeb, which equals 150 kg for EGP 420, in a statement on its website on Tuesday.
Minster Bassem Auda's policy was to improve the wheat supply system and raise the price of domestic wheat ardebs from EGP 380 to EGP 400 per ardeb," he added.
He states that according to recent reports by the Ministry of Agriculture, Egypt cultivates on average three million feddans for wheat production each year, and that the average of each feddan is 15 ardeb (150 kilograms).
60) per ardeb (140 kg) from LE 350 last season in a bid to boost output.
Egypt raised the price it will pay local farmers for their wheat next season to LE 380 per ardeb from LE 350 during the last season to encourage planting.
60) per ardeb (140 kg) from LE 350 during the last season to give them an incentive.
50) per ardeb (150 kg), a ministry of agriculture adviser said on Sunday.
The price of wheat which will be paid to farmers is expected to range between LE 240 and LE 270 per ardeb, cotton between LE 650 and LE 700 per quintar, mazie at LE 200 per ardeb and sugar cane between LE 2,250 and LE 250 per ton, Beltone Financial reported.
8 million ardeb, It represents area and production of all of old land and new about 93.
One feddan (acre) produces 18 ardeb (one ardeb equals 150kg) of wheat in Egypt, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.