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1. Demanding great effort or labor; difficult: "the arduous work of preparing a Dictionary of the English Language" (Thomas Macaulay).
2. Testing severely the powers of endurance; strenuous: a long, arduous, and exhausting war.
3. Hard to traverse, climb, or surmount.

[From Latin arduus, high, steep.]

ar′du·ous·ly adv.
ar′du·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.arduously - in an arduous mannerarduously - in an arduous manner; "they worked arduously"


بِصورَة شاقَّه، بِإرهاق
meî erfiîismunum


[ˈɑːdjʊəslɪ] ADV [work] → arduamente; [climb] → con dificultad, penosamente


[ˈɑːdjʊəslɪ] adva fatica, con difficoltà


(ˈaːdjuəs) , ((American) -dʒu-) adjective
difficult; needing hard work. an arduous task.
ˈarduously adverb
ˈarduousness noun
References in classic literature ?
The small chirruping voice that uttered this request came from a little sunny-haired girl between three and four, who, seated on a high chair at the end of the ironing table, was arduously clutching the handle of a miniature iron with her tiny fat fist, and ironing rags with an assiduity that required her to put her little red tongue out as far as anatomy would allow.
They were singing discordantly, arduously, and with great effort, evidently not because they wished to sing, but because they wanted to show they were drunk and on a spree.
From the beginning of time Nature has labored arduously toward the consummation of this purpose.
As he saw it, society would grow better only through the painfully slow and arduously painful processes of evolution.
Building on the success of last year's program, our fifth edition of the awards proves commercial building manufacturers are committed to, and are working arduously toward, delivering more sustainable products, as well as products that deliver better performance, life and affordability," explainedJim Crockett, Editorial Director, Architectural Products .
Coming of age in a culture that either despised or denied his identity, Russo fought arduously as an adult activist against sexuality-based oppression.
The decision taken by Muslim rebels in Philippines, operating under the banner of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (Milf), to hand over their weapons as part of an arduously negotiated peace deal, must be seen as an important and significant step towards the conclusion of hostilities.
The Interior Minister said that he was aware of the financial constraints faced by the civil armed forces and has always arduously pleaded the case of the forces with the Government.
A 36-year-old Emirati, whose weight has uncontrollably ballooned to 270 kg since 2007, is arduously battling a rare brain disease, which remained undiagnosed for four years as no imaging machine in the world could accommodate a man of his size.
The two motor clubs worked arduously to ensure that among the tight time schedule for the day, a two-minute silence was observed at 11am.
For those who've spent months sweating over standardized tests and arduously preparing their applications, fair warning: Don't expect too much from the degree, unless you have the talent to back it up.
According to Undead Labs, both versions are in the final certification process, which means that dedicated teams are arduously finishing the final versions of the game to make sure that there will be no game-breaking inside; nonetheless, the team expects the patch and the expansion to be ready by Friday.