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 (ə-rē′ə-lə, âr′ē-ō′lə)
n. pl. a·re·o·lae (-lē′) or a·re·o·las
1. A small ring of color around a center portion, as about the nipple of the breast or the part of the iris surrounding the pupil of the eye.
2. A small space or interstice in a tissue or part, such as the area bounded by small veins in a leaf or the wing of an insect. In both senses also called areole.

[Latin āreola, small open space, diminutive of ārea, open place; see area.]

a·re′o·lar, a·re′o·late (-lĭt) adj.
a·re′o·la′tion n.
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Adj.1.areolar - relating to or like or divided into areolaeareolar - relating to or like or divided into areolae; "areolar tissue"
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Primary choroidal dystrophies which affect the central macula are referred to as central areolar choroidal dystrophy, posterior polar central choroidal dystrophy, posterior polar annular dystrophy, posterior polar hemispheric dystrophy, and central and peripheral annular choroidal dystrophy.
Noting that little is known about the vertical transfer of breast milk microbes from mother to infant, researchers examined bacteria in samples from breast milk, areolar skin swabs, and infant stools in 107 healthy mother-infant pairs.
Retromammary space, overlying nipple areolar complex.
Durante a fase tropical umida, a distribuicao areolar da Mata Atlantica assumiu contornos expressivos nas paisagens intertropicais, denunciando uma fase extensiva de dissecacao das vertentes e espessamento dos mantos de intemperismo com o consequente desenvolvimento dos mosaicos de solos.
Subcutaneous and areolar tissues were then carefully dissected to identify the temporalis muscle fascia, after which a piece of temporalis fascia was harvested and compressed for reconstruction.
Diagnosis: This incomplete specimen has unidentate, coarsely serrated, neurosetae, the conical microtubercles of the elytra lacked an unpigmented areolar region, and the palps are papillated.
They emphasize meticulous measurements and techniques to ensure that the nipple areolar complex is retained in a suitable position for best aesthetic outcome.
Nipple--Peripheral superficial enhancement of the nipple is commonly seen on MRI, attributable to the rich blood supply of the nipple areolar complex.
O Pos-pubere X contorno areolar novamente incorporado ao contorno da mama.
Quanto as habilidades dos profissionais de saude, 86,0% souberam demonstrar adequadamente o posicionamento do bebe para mamar e a pega da regiao mamilo areolar e 62,1% demonstraram a ordenha manual da mama adequadamente.