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 (ə-rē′ə-lə, âr′ē-ō′lə)
n. pl. a·re·o·lae (-lē′) or a·re·o·las
1. A small ring of color around a center portion, as about the nipple of the breast or the part of the iris surrounding the pupil of the eye.
2. A small space or interstice in a tissue or part, such as the area bounded by small veins in a leaf or the wing of an insect. In both senses also called areole.

[Latin āreola, small open space, diminutive of ārea, open place; see area.]

a·re′o·lar, a·re′o·late (-lĭt) adj.
a·re′o·la′tion n.
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This is a small family comprised of four genera characterized by a single pseudo- nodulus, radial areolation, an abrupt transition from the valve face to the valve margin, and a single ring of marginal labiate processes.
semicraspedodromous with incomplete areolation, and lack agrophic veins.