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1. A small, specialized, cushionlike area on a cactus from which hairs, glochids, spines, branches, or flowers may arise.
2. See areola.

[French aréole, from Latin āreola, small open space; see areola.]


1. (Biology) biology a space outlined on a surface, such as an area between veins on a leaf or on an insect's wing
2. (Botany) a sunken area on a cactus from which spines, hairs, etc, arise
ˈareoˌlate adj


(ˈɛər iˌoʊl)

[1855–60; < French < Latin]
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Moore) wrote: "The sori are large, round, situated in a single series near the midrib; sometimes seated on the apex of a veinlet within a costal areole, which is characteristic of Goniophlebium; sometimes on a veinlet exterior to the costal areole, sometimes at the point where two or more veins unite, which is the normal condition of Phlebodium.
germinating radicle (8-12 months later), it is in this areole that the
Floriferous zone: without modifications = 0; with lower number of spines in areole = 1; with whole floriferous zone modified = 2; abundant trichomes = 3; limited to brachiblast growth in the areole = 4 22.
3 mm wide Microspores Laevigate Sparsely to densely echinate Megaspores size 750:630-870 [micro]m 595:460-750 [micro]m Mean: range Megaspore Densely and Ruglulate to low ornamentation distinctly and sparsely reticulate; the reticulate; the muri generally as muri low, much tall or taller lower than the than the diameter diameter of the of the included included areole areole Megaspore girdle Absent Weakly differentiated to distinctly smooth
The boat's passengers; Blake Doud and Areole Trattner, of Myrtle Creek; and Olaf Myhre III and Edith Myhre, of Riddle; put on lifejackets and used a rope to wade downstream to an island, where a passing fisherman brought them to the bank, Hutson said.
Caution should be taken since the adults frequently exhibit sexual and age dimorphism in relation to body size, shape and coloration as well as areole arrangement.
Veins forming a costal areole, otherwise free; terminal segment similar to the lateral ones 7.
cactorum females on host plants were recorded by classifying the attachment of the eggstick to either a glochid at an areole, to a spine, or on the fruit.
In Polypodium the veins are free or form a single row of areoles, the rhizomes are shorter-creeping, and the scales are not clathrate and invaginated at the base.
Within Thelypteris subgenus Meniscium, this species can be distinguished by the relatively thin laminae, appressed, thin costal hairs, buds in the axils of proximal pinnae, and straight secondary veins that unite to create very narrow areoles.
1] deeply convex distad of claval apex, almost reaching M, hence slightly detached; with a callus in costal cell, 6 apical areoles distad of stigma, apical part behind apex of clavus folding down and covering apex of abdomen.