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also ar·gane  (är′gən)
A thorny tree (Argania spinosa) of southern Morocco, producing fruits containing seeds that yield an oil rich in vitamin E, prized for cooking and used in cosmetics.

[Colloquial Moroccan Arabic argān, from Tashelhiyt (Berber language of the area in which it grows) argan.]


(Plants) a thorny evergreen tree, Argania spinosa, native to SW Morocco, the plum-sized fruit of which contains a nut that yields an oil valued for cooking
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Impact of argane and olive oil consumption on metabolic syndrome indicators among menopausal women in Rabat, Morocco.
6) Fat Butter Olive oil Other Vegetable oils (Sunflower, argane .
The next morning we headed out to Assous Argane in the suq before going to Ensemble Artisanal, a government-managed complex of artisans, making and selling products directly to the public, mostly tourists.
At home most people don't play music anymore," says Abdelftah Ait Argane, a young Berber from Tarama.
Zerrouni and Argane both say the change has been speeded up by the satellite receiver.
These are Argane trees, and the goats climb them to eat their nuts.
We have a few nonolive oils, the hottest of which is argane oil from Morocco," said Michael Spano, manager of Todaro Brothers in New York.
One of the newest culinary stars, argane or argan (Argania sideroxylon) oil is derived from the fruit of an evergreen tree that is native to North Africa, most probably Morocco.