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1. Silver as conventionally represented in heraldry by the color white.
2. Archaic The metal silver.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin argentum, silver; see arg- in Indo-European roots.]


a. an archaic or poetic word for silver
b. (as adjective; often postpositive, esp in heraldry): a bend argent.
[C15: from Old French, from Latin]


(ˈɑr dʒənt)

1. the heraldic color silver or white.
2. Archaic. the metal silver.
3. silvery; silvery white.
[1400–50; late Middle English argentum < Latin: silver, money]
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Noun1.argent - a metal tincture used in heraldry to give a silvery appearance
tincture - a substances that colors metals
Adj.1.argent - of lustrous grey; covered with or tinged with the color of silver; "silvery hair"
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"


(obs, poet, Her)
nSilber nt
References in classic literature ?
John Barleycorn sends his White Logic, the argent messenger of truth beyond truth, the antithesis of life, cruel and bleak as interstellar space, pulseless and frozen as absolute zero, dazzling with the frost of irrefragable logic and unforgettable fact.
That knight whom thou seest yonder in yellow armour, who bears upon his shield a lion crowned crouching at the feet of a damsel, is the valiant Laurcalco, lord of the Silver Bridge; that one in armour with flowers of gold, who bears on his shield three crowns argent on an azure field, is the dreaded Micocolembo, grand duke of Quirocia; that other of gigantic frame, on his right hand, is the ever dauntless Brandabarbaran de Boliche, lord of the three Arabias, who for armour wears that serpent skin, and has for shield a gate which, according to tradition, is one of those of the temple that Samson brought to the ground when by his death he revenged himself upon his enemies.
After 1802, the chevalier sealed his letters with a very old seal, ill-engraved to be sure, by which the Casterans, the d'Esgrignons, the Troisvilles were enabled to see that he bore: Party of France, two cottises gemelled gules, and gules, five mascles or, placed end to end; on a chief sable, a cross argent.
A castle argent is certainly my crest," said he blandly.
The argent shields, the host with scutcheons white.
The next day, the great Southdown female family carriage, with the Earl's coronet and the lozenge (upon which the three lambs trottant argent upon the field vert of the Southdowns, were quartered with sable on a bend or, three snuff-mulls gules, the cognizance of the house of Binkie), drove up in state to Miss Crawley's door, and the tall serious footman handed in to Mr.
It was not only the old lion argent that was roaring in my ear, but all the eagles of the Caesars seemed flapping and screaming in pursuit of me.
A gold-embroidered belt of knighthood encircled his loins, with his arms, five roses gules on a field argent, cunningly worked upon the clasp.
The argent light lit up all four corners of the garden.
La premiere place est revenue a l'Egypte qui, avec 21 medailles (14 or, 5 argent et 2 bronze), devance l'Algerie (3 or, 5 argent et 1 bronze) et le Qatar (1 or, 4 argent et 2 bronze).
The sale of Miller Argent Holdings Limited, the parent company of Ffos-yfran operators Miller Argent (South Wales) Limited, was completed on January 7.
Argent generates annual revenues of approximately GBP 18m or approximately USD 27m using a conversion rate of 1.