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v. ar·gued, ar·gu·ing, ar·gues
1. To put forth reasons for or against; debate: "It is time to stop arguing tax-rate reductions and to enact them" (Paul Craig Roberts).
2. To attempt to prove by reasoning; maintain or contend: The speaker argued that more immigrants should be admitted to the country.
3. To give evidence of; indicate: "Similarities cannot always be used to argue descent" (Isaac Asimov).
4. To persuade or influence (another), as by presenting reasons: argued the clerk into lowering the price.
1. To put forth reasons for or against something: argued for dismissal of the case; argued against an immediate counterattack.
2. To engage in a quarrel; dispute: We need to stop arguing and engage in constructive dialogue.

[Middle English arguen, from Old French arguer, from Latin argūtāre, to babble, chatter, frequentative of arguere, to make clear; see arg- in Indo-European roots.]

ar′gu·er n.
Synonyms: argue, quarrel1, wrangle, squabble, bicker
These verbs denote verbal exchange involving disagreement or conflict. To argue is to present reasons or facts in order to persuade someone of something: "I am not arguing with you—I am telling you" (James McNeill Whistler).
It is also often used of more heated exchanges: The couple argued for hours over who was at fault.
Quarrel denotes angry, often ongoing conflict: The band quarreled with their manager over money.
It can also refer to continuing disputes of a public or professional nature: "Experts still quarrel about the ultimate cause of Alzheimer's [disease]" (Geoffrey Cowley).
Wrangle refers to loud, contentious argument: "audiences ... who can be overheard wrangling about film facts in restaurants and coffee houses" (Sheila Benson).
Squabble and bicker both suggest sharp, persistent, bad-tempered infighting, often of a petty nature: "A nobility of warriors ... they squabbled endlessly on political matters, resolving the problems of dynastic succession with one bloodbath after another" (Carlos Fuentes). The senators bickered about adjustments to the tax proposal for weeks. See Also Synonyms at discuss.
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Noun1.arguer - someone who engages in debatearguer - someone who engages in debate  
controversialist, disputant, eristic - a person who disputes; who is good at or enjoys controversy
devil's advocate - someone who takes the worse side just for the sake of argument
confuter, disprover, rebutter, refuter - a debater who refutes or disproves by offering contrary evidence or argument
wrangler - someone who argues noisily or angrily


(= quarreller)streitsüchtiger Mensch, Streithammel m (inf)
(= reasoner)logisch argumentierender Mensch; to be a logical arguerlogisch argumentieren (können)
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Assuming one understands the distinction between participating in argumentation and pretending to do so or being forced to mouth or write down certain words, one cannot conceive of a case of argumentation in which an arguer lacks the self-controlled capabilities that distinguish a human natural person from a nonperson (e.
Chapter 1 overviews the qualities and role of the public intellectual who used Enlightenment standards of reasoned argument to assume a neutral, or objective, arguer ("de-converted" stance in Joeckel's term) who used logical discourse to carefully move through an argument and that by doing so, the argument could be acceded on solely rational grounds.
To arguer that moneye isa reason to staya in Europer invon lves v tryingr to arguer what Westminster might or might not do with the extrar moneye it's ' no longer givingi Brussels.
The argument is unsound also because it presupposes that arguers must recognize the truth of norms, but, in fact, an arguer need only behave as if the relevant norms are true.
Pour l'auteur de l'editorial, "si au lendemain des elections, le PJD peut arguer qu'il n'avait pas connaissance des dossiers pour expliquer ses erreurs de casting, aujourd'hui, il ne peut plus user de ce pretexte", avant d'assurer que "si reconstitution du gouvernement il doit y avoir, elle devra etre menee non pas selon des considerations de quotas par chaque parti mais dans une logique operationnelle et de performance".
Certains pourraient arguer que les partis a referentiel religieux dans les pays d'Europe Occidentale (Italie, Allemagne, Belgique, Pays-Bas) se declarent ouvertement et concretement en faveur de la [beaucoup moins que]democratie[beaucoup plus grand que] (representative et delegataire seulement, faut-il le rappeler ?
Linkage of Commitments Premise: Generally, when an arguer is committed to A, it can be inferred that he is also committed to 6.
La marche des Chretiens, qui se focalisait cette annee sur le rejet des resultats des elections presidentielles du 28 novembre 2011, durant lesquelles de nombreuses fraudes avaient ete constatees par les observateurs de l'Eglise catholique, avait ete interdite la veille par Andre Kimbuta, le gouverneur de Kinshasa, au motif que la demande "ne respectait pas la loi": toujours selon le gouverneur, le Conseil de l'apostolat des laics catholiques du Congo (CALCC), a l'origine de la demande de manifestation, "ne fait pas partie des organisations agreees"; pour arguer de sa bonne foi, il pretend meme avoir ete oblige de demander a l'archeveche de Kinshasa qui etait cette "structure qui se dit catholique".
Yet, the yeses of Socrates' interlocutors may also signal disengagement or surrender to a strong arguer who they presume will win.
MANY years ago, in the Eighties, when late-night radio was as stale and boring as it is now, there appeared a shining star named Allan Beswick, who was an expert arguer.
Types of reactions To the arguer 67 9 To the content 93 100 To the way/manner 3 20 B.
Les juges peuvent encore arguer selon des valeurs personnelles ou selon celles qu'ils estiment dominantes si la definition de la norme par la loi est absente ou imprecise (surdetermination (31)).