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1. Given to arguing; disputatious.
2. Of or characterized by argument: an argumentative discourse.

ar′gu·men′ta·tive·ly adv.
ar′gu·men′ta·tive·ness n.
Synonyms: argumentative, contentious, disputatious, quarrelsome, scrappy2
These adjectives mean given to or characterized by arguing: an argumentative child; a contentious mood; a disputatious scholar; a quarrelsome drinker; a scrappy exchange.
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The quality or state of being argumentative:
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I felt all the dogged argumentativeness of my nature awake within me as I answered him, "I am satisfied that Lucy's body is not in that coffin, but that only proves one thing.
Jaffa's erudition was as legendary as his argumentativeness.
Signs of ineffective coping in aviators include denial, defensiveness, over-sensitivity to criticism, argumentativeness, arrogance and chronic interpersonal problems.
We stand for the unconditional observance of all principles of openness, transparency, responsibility and argumentativeness when making such decisions.
But, away from vulgar argumentativeness, the concept of Levantism could have had a decent connotation.
Socially, children and adolescents with ADHD evidence a wide range of problem behaviors, including inattention, hostility, argumentativeness, and stubbornness, and they tend to be loud, intense, and socially awkward and insensitive (Nijmeijer et al.
Carter's skill in this area made possible the vigorous but benign argumentativeness of his string quartets, and it made possible, too, the impression in his concertos of soloists and diverse groupings in dynamic equilibrium, their comportment unrestrained and hazardous, and exhilarating for being so.
Subjects then filled out the Verbal Aggression scale as well as the HEXACO Personality Inventory and the Argumentativeness scale.
It doesn't do justice to the frenetic energy animating the guitar work of Sam Shalabi or the resolute argumentativeness of Alex MacSween's percussion.
2: tension, thirst, talkativeness, argumentativeness, oversensitivity, hyperactivity, irritability, hunger
s accusations--unbelief, argumentativeness, and destructiveness to true Christianity--seems to anticipate their being "repurposed" for as-of-yet undiscovered heresies.
Specific complaints that the TBI family members have identified postinjury as causes of stress and strain include behavioral problems (aggressiveness and irritability; McPherson, Pentland, & McNaughton, 2000; Santos, Castro-Caldas, & De Sousa, 1998) and sudden or rapid mood changes and argumentativeness (Marsh, Kersel, Havill, & Sleigh, 1998), whereas emotional control and disinhibited behavior (e.

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