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n. pl. ar·gu·men·ta (-tə) Logic
An argument, demonstration, or appeal to reason.

[Latin argūmentum; see argument.]


n, pl -ta (-tə)
an argument


(ˌɑr gyəˈmɛn təm)

n., pl. -ta (-tə).
[< Latin]
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The supposition is of course preposterous; and I might answer by the argumentum ad hominem, and ask what should be done if a perfect kangaroo were seen to come out of the womb of a bear?
To mention some: ingoratio elenchi (ignoring the issue), argumentum ad ignorantiam (argument from ignorance), fallacy of false dilemma, artful equivocation, and argumentum ad odium (argument from hatred).
Habida cuenta de un ambito teorico, los estudiosos de Lugano aducen que el sentido propio de la argumentacion "parece ser el de llevar al interlocutor a reconocer, directa o indirectamente, aquello que se le informa o se le muestra" (Rigotti y Greco Morasso, Argumentum, 3).
Their topics include the Testament of Abraham and Greek romance, endings: The Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of Judas, the deferred fulfillment of prophecy in early Christian fiction, passion and conversion in the ancient Greek novels and early Christian female virgin martyr accounts, and argumentum ex silentio: religion in Heliodorus' Aethiopica.
In general, it can be maintained that the adequacy and the argumentum of other types of reasoning and evidences depend upon the amount of confidence and trust which a judge obtains in a lawsuit.
Prvni cast se venuje zakladnim definicim, psinosum a argumentum pro realizaci CSR.
Liberalis kihivasra adott konzervativ valasz was published in 2008 by Argumentum Kiado, Bibo Istvan Szellemi Muhely, Budapest.
Finalmente, hablamos de una superpalabrota: hieratico, y sobre la falacia numero uno: el argumentum ad hominem.
however, the writer's reliance upon what the Pope may have done or not done, that Robert Sullivan was a "lifelong Catholic" and "all such authority belongs to God" and that Sullivan "was very possibly innocent" and so on is nothing but an argumentum ad absurdum (or more likely an argumentum ad ignorantia) for an attorney.
b) el argumento a summo ad imum (14) representa el correspondiente latino del hermogeneo [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII]; la traduccion ofrecida por Eugrafio encuentra correspondencia en la obra de Sulpicio Victor, mientras Fortunaciano y Julio Victor hablan de argumentum ab initio ad finem;
Which in logic is known as argumentum ad hominum or argumentum ad abusum?
Elsewhere, Evans displays a touchy defensiveness and frequently enough resorts to the argumentum ad hominem that many of the reviewers of the original edition found distasteful.

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