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The mineralization consisted of patches, grains and intergrowths of argentite/acanthite, proustite, xanthoconite, smithite, miargyrite, argyrodite, unidentified bismuth sulfosalts (Gasparrini, 1978), jordanite, pyrargyrite and gersdorffite (Taylor, 1984).
Nevertheless, Martin dealt with many rare species, such as Bolivian phosphophyllite and argyrodite (John Barlow collection #1607, via Marion Godshaw and David Wilber), and he knew the correct prices too: there are records of his January, 1968 sale to the AMNH of an Andreasburg apophyllite (for $200) and a Walleroo atacamite ($750), both of which were from the Vaux Collection.
It was left to Clemens Alexander Winkler (1838-1904) to discover the new element germanium after lengthy experiments on the new mineral argyrodite ([Ag.