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n. Buddhism
One who has attained enlightenment.

[Sanskrit, from present participle of arhati, he deserves.]

ar′hat·ship′ n.


the state of having achieved enlightenment, which is the ultimate goal of Theravada Buddhists
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Having taken a seat under a tree, having thoroughly meditated on the five-part wheel of rebirths and on the impermanence of all states of being, Udrayana rids himself of all defilements and attains arhatship.
There is no need to read stanza 1 against the background of the polemics about the (im)possibility, for an arhat, to fall from arhatship.
The Buddha's exoneration of Channa's suicide (that Keown accepts as the single exception that proves the canonical rule) was case-specific, and, for Delhey, so was that of Vakkali ("Vakkali" 78), and conceivably that of Godhika as well, whose arhatship following his suicide is similarly confirmed by the Buddha.