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 (ä′rē-ĕt′ə) also a·ri·ette (-ĕt′)
A short aria.

[Italian, diminutive of aria, aria; see aria.]


(ˌærɪˈɛtə; Italian ariˈetta) or


n, pl -ettas, -ette (-ˈette) or -ettes
(Classical Music) a short relatively uncomplicated aria
[C18: from Italian, diminutive of aria]


(ˌær iˈɛt ə, ˌɑr-)

n., pl. -et•tas, -et•te (-ˈɛt i)
a short aria.
[1735–45; < Italian, =ari(a) aria + -etta -ette]
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Noun1.arietta - a short ariaarietta - a short aria        
aria - an elaborate song for solo voice
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In his collection, we find manuscript score excerpts from his opera, Luigi Fiesco, to a libretto by Lazzaro Damezzano (16), as well as the cavatina "Fin ch'io rimanga in vita" from L'Alessandro nelle Indie (1831) to a text by Pietro Metastasio, the arietta da camera "Destra adorata e cara", two excerpts from the opera Il proscritto di Messina (1832) to a libretto by Felice Romani (17), and some piano variations.
Annetta, Arietta, Gerti) all the way to the introduction of Clizia and the figure of the goddess-angel, Iride of La bufera e altro, who bring the poetry to a fully pagan religious dimension.
The three voices converge in a searing climactic chord, and as it dies away we hear the tender music that ushered in the orphan's earlier arietta in which she describes the circumstances of her death.
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In her final days, Sue's greatest fear was that her own grandchildren - Arietta, six, May, four, and one-year-old Marnie - could unknowingly be exposed to asbestos.
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