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 (ä′rē-ō′sō, -zō) Music
n. pl. a·ri·o·sos
a. A style used in opera and oratorio, similar to but more melodic than recitative.
b. A passage rendered in this style.
2. A short vocal solo having the melodic style but not the form of an aria.
adv. & adj.
In a melodic style like that of an aria. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian, from aria, aria; see aria.]


(ˌɑːrɪˈəʊzəʊ; ˌæ-)
n, pl -sos or -si (-siː)
(Classical Music) music a recitative with the lyrical quality of an aria
[C18: from Italian, from aria]


(ˌær iˈoʊ soʊ, ˌɑr-)

n., pl. -sos.
a musical passage having the character of a recitative or a simple aria.
[1735–45; < Italian: literally, songlike]
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Noun1.arioso - (music) a short recitative that is melodic but is not an ariaarioso - (music) a short recitative that is melodic but is not an aria
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
recitative - a vocal passage of narrative text that a singer delivers with natural rhythms of speech
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The last event will be on March 26, when the Cyprus Brass Band will perform brass band versions of some of Bach's most beautiful melodies including Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, Sheep May Safely Graze, and Arioso from Harpsichord Concerto No.
Exceptuando la sinfonia inicial a modo de obertura o introduccion, y la "Pifa" que celebra el nacimiento de Cristo, ambas para orquesta, El Mesias es una sucesion de arias con algun arioso y otro duo, recitativos y coros, dentro de un terreno lirico-barroco donde Handel figura como uno de los mas grandes compositores de todos los tiempos.
AppLY Mat, Arioso, Biotherrn, CRS Wrap, Cryo-Lite, 4-'dAi.
51) The majority opinion in Arioso establishes that only the Supreme Court can amend its analysis in a future case.
Significant, too, is the lack of lyrical writing; neither lyrical themes nor arioso connecting passage-work appear in movements II and III (43).
RS = aeras aeries [dagger]aeris [dagger]aerious aeros aers * aerys aieries *aires airs/ayres air-sea *airys aras araise arayse areas ares arias ariose ariosi arioso aris arise/arose arouse ars arse arsey/arsy, aruis arusa aryas *arys auras *auraes *aureis/aureus aureous aures/auris aurous **avers ears 'ears *e'ers *eeries/*eerys eras erase eres *eries eros erose ers euros eyers eyras eyres eyries ioras ires iris oars *oarys *o'ers *oors *oories oras ores ors orse *orys ours *ouries oyers rais/reis raise ras rase rayas rays rees reis res resai resay reseau resee re-sue reus/*reas/*reaes reuse *reys reyes rias rise roes rois roos roosa roose rose/rose rosy roues rouse r's rues rusa ruse ryas ryes *urs uraeus uraos ureas urease ures [dagger]uroos ursa/ursae urus.
Il bel testo di Nitti si presenta peraltro arioso nel prestare precisa attenzione a ogni aspetto del contesto nello sviluppo degli eventi: i fatti militari manovrati dallegittimismo e la natura impervia dei luoghi, i risalenti contrasti tra la borghesia agraria e le plebi rurali a tratti in rivolta.
Alternating between recitative and arioso, the vocal line narrates over a piano part full of descriptive elements--a jaunty tune, gunshot motifs, and countermelody.
A considerable amount of space is devoted to the structure of the cantatas, instrumentation (the majority were written for continuo only), dynamics, arias, recitatives, and the use of arioso.
En suma, la escuela operistica romana logro un efectivo acercamiento al arioso para reducir el tedio de los recitativos.
The second variation is a more lyrical Arioso, with the theme transposed and elaborated, and intervals occasionally inverted.
He also had when I first met him a string quartet, the Arioso Quartet.