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n. pl. a·ris·tae (-tē) or a·ris·tas
A bristlelike part or appendage, such as the awn of grains and grasses or the process near the tip of the antenna of certain flies.

[Latin, beard of grain, spike.]

a·ris′tate (-tāt) adj.


n, pl -tae (-tiː)
1. (Botany) a stiff bristle such as the awn of some grasses and cereals
2. (Zoology) a bristle-like appendage on the antennae of some insects
[C17: from Latin: ear of corn, fishbone]
aˈristate adj


(əˈrɪs tə)

n., pl. -tae (-tē).
1. a bristlelike appendage of the spikelets of grains or grasses.
2. a prominent bristle on the antenna of some dipterous insects.
[1685–95; < Latin: awn, beard or ear of grain]
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Noun1.arista - bristlelike process near the tip of the antenna of certain flies
appendage, outgrowth, process - a natural prolongation or projection from a part of an organism either animal or plant; "a bony process"
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