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Noun1.Armilla - a celestial globe consisting of metal hoopsarmilla - a celestial globe consisting of metal hoops; used by early astronomers to determine the positions of stars
celestial globe - a globe that is a spherical model of the heavens
2.Armilla - (archeology) a bracelet worn around the wrist or armarmilla - (archeology) a bracelet worn around the wrist or arm
bangle, bracelet - jewelry worn around the wrist for decoration
archaeology, archeology - the branch of anthropology that studies prehistoric people and their cultures
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Contract notice: Power supply products for the kitchen of the social centers of armilla dependent on the provincial council of granada.
127,835, 37 C St #B, Spear, Jean E, to Armilla, Luis.
Dubai: Little Nylah Armilla, born prematurely in the seventh month on August 12, is a resilient baby who has managed to survive her ordeal against all odds.
Si mettono in rilievo, in particolare, le analogie fra le melottiane "sculture filiformi" e certe immagini di citta, come Armilla, Clarice, Isaura, Melania, Ottavia, Valdrada, identificando, in ciascun caso, il rapporto frail modello scultoreo e l'immagine calviniana.
La Royal Navy a une presence continuelle" dans le Golfe depuis "de nombreuses annees, notamment la patrouille Armilla et ses successeurs depuis 1980", a declare un porte-parole du ministere.
Survivors include three daughters, Geraldine Wacker, Judy Bowne and Gayle Thorsby, all of Eugene; a sister, Armilla Grubbs of Wisconsin; six grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.
Calvino's Invisible Cities is an internal travelogue of towns that consist entirely of an exaggerated single feature of city life: Eudoxia is the hypnotic pattern of weaving on a particular carpet, Octavia a great spiderweb of threads, Armilla is its plumbing.
Senior British officers have already underlined that further reduction of the order of battle would force the Royal Navy to abandon certain missions, such as the Armilla patrols in the Persian Gulf and the Caribbean deployments.
et ne has tantum ostenderet divitias, dextrum nudavit lacertum armilla aurea cultum et eboreo circulo lamina splendente conexo.
After travelling 920k from Barcelona to Grenada the duo took part in a 10k special outside Granada, and also faced a dirt track in Armilla.