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(ˈɑːmɪlərɪ; ɑːˈmɪlərɪ)
of or relating to bracelets
[C17: from New Latin armillaris, from Latin armilla bracelet]


(ˈɑr məˌlɛr i, ɑrˈmɪl ə ri)

consisting of hoops or rings.
[1655–65; < Latin armill(a) bracelet, hoop (arm(us) shoulder (see arm1) + -illa diminutive suffix) + -ary]
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Adj.1.armillary - of or relating to braceletsarmillary - of or relating to bracelets    
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Starting with the display of Vincenzo Coronelli's majestic globes and Jerome Martinot's armillary sphere, the artists Jean-Luc and Patricia Boivineau have created an artistic vision of the stars and constellations which can be seen in Abu Dhabi's sky during the winter season.
One item of interest in support of an early interest is the armillary sphere (or astrolabe) that he included in what is historically the first depiction of a perspective window for projecting accurate views of three-dimensional objects (Figure 1).
The Development and evaluation of an augmented reality-based armillary sphere for astronomical observation instruction.
armillary sphere, stars, new moon, and sun), and characters or geometric figures (block plane, stripes, zig-zag, and saw-tooth), are always bordered with various ornaments such as crests, upholders, and inscriptions, particularly in the form of plants.
This service is provided by a handful of licensed equity crowdfunding providers including Crowdsphere --a joint venture between Armillary Private Capital and Chinese focused Renaissance Wealth Management.
On the walls, nautical charts, many details in wood, antique furniture, marine artifacts (barge, compass, anchor, armillary sphere and rudder), is a picturesque environment that evokes the internal environment of a large ship.
The second depicts Atlas on one knee supporting an armillary sphere, while the third (Figs.
I have included sundials and armillary spheres in garden designs for various clients but had never heard of a Human Sundial until talking to Mike Faraday.
An important copper-alloy disc marked with the Portuguese Royal Coat of Arms and an armillary sphere, which was the personal emblem of King Dom Manuel I, was another important object found.
Well-established royal astronomers used big, wooden or bronze armillary spheres to track the Sun, planets, and stars more precisely, but the astrolabe let any well-off amateur do it with a brass disc hung on his belt.
I enjoyed being able to compare a medieval cosmography showing a pair of angels rotating the machina mundl using hand-cranks with the complex armillary sphere some 200 pages later by Apianus.
The watch is also an astronomical navigator, an armillary sphere (machine of the world), a radix chart, time travel machine, solar system simulator and eclipse detector.