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The amount that can be carried in one arm or both arms: an armload of laundry.


another term for armful



n., pl. -fuls.
the amount one or both arms can hold.
usage: See -ful.


[ˈɑːrmləʊd] n (= armful) → brassée f
He was carrying an armload of books
BUT Il avait des livres plein les bras.
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However, I was doing some brush cutting and salvaged a large armload of red osier dogwood, which also gets a chapter.
Supporters and foes commend Pearson's deftness at getting things done, her ability to buttress her passions with an armload of facts.
Stewart is renovating her home, and the armload of bargains brought a smile to her face.
Now that Terrell Owens has left Philadelphia and USC doesn't play for more than three weeks, ESPN has to do something with its army of reporters and armload of programming hours.
Split and stacked a rick of firewood so perfectly aligned you didn't want to take away an armload to burn?
A driver with an armload of groceries or holding a briefcase or small child never has to fumble for the key.
You grab an armload of jeans from a store rack, head to a dressing room and hope something fits.
Adding, "The surprise isn't that it's bound to earn an armload of GRAMMY(R)s but that the record's cohesive and compelling enough that they'll be well-deserved.
Do you have a light switch in your house placed several steps from the door that requires you to feel your way in the dark" Have you ever dropped an armload when trying to turn on a light with your elbow?
Miss Squirrel darted along the snow-covered trail toward town, clutching an armload of packages.
There are several don'ts but if we are cautious and use the good common sense mentioned above we are not liable to make serious mistakes, such as letting the youngsters have all the greens they will eat the first two months of their lives or throwing them a full armload of watery greens when they have not been fed any for weeks before, or letting them have something new and untried without letting a few cheaper rabbits test it out.