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1. A manufacturer of weapons, especially firearms.
2. An enlisted person in charge of maintenance and repair of the small arms of a military unit.
3. One that makes or repairs armor.


(ˈɑr mər ər)

1. a maker or repairer of arms or armor.
2. a person who manufactures, repairs, or services firearms.
[1350–1400; < Anglo-French, Old French armurier]
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Noun1.armorer - a worker skilled in making armor or arms; "a sword made by a famous English armorer"
skilled worker, skilled workman, trained worker - a worker who has acquired special skills
2.armorer - an enlisted man responsible for the upkeep of small arms and machine guns etc.armorer - an enlisted man responsible for the upkeep of small arms and machine guns etc.
enlisted man - a male enlisted person in the armed forces
3.armorer - a manufacturer of firearms
manufacturer, manufacturing business, maker - a business engaged in manufacturing some product
References in classic literature ?
Grimaud, in fact, was not only the accountant, but the armorer of the party; and as he was a man full of forethought, these trousers, carefully rolled up in his valise, contained every sort of tool for immediate use.
Aiken, an able mariner, destined to command the schooner intended for the coasting trade, and ordered him, together with John Coles, sail- maker, Stephen Weekes, armorer, and two Sandwich Islanders, to proceed ahead and take soundings, while the ship should follow under easy sail.
As he drew near he proved to be Weekes, the armorer.
But while the armorer is thrusting in his devil's-dust, and dropping his ball, and lighting his flambeau, I can very easily loose six shafts, or eight maybe, so he hath no great vantage after all.
Clandestinely we made a few bushels of first-rate blasting powder, and I superin- tended my armorers while they constructed a lightning- rod and some wires.
Within the great enclosure thrived a fair sized town, for, with his ten hundred fighting-men, the Outlaw of Torn required many squires, lackeys, cooks, scullions, armorers, smithies, farriers, hostlers and the like to care for the wants of his little army.
If you've already fired blanks through the short barrel with the standard barrel BFA, your armorer needs to check the inner rail for cracks.
I took the gun to a local armorer, who went over it, told me it would fire 3 or 4 rounds then jam.
22, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Armorer Link will be exhibiting at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Orlando, Florida in the New Exhibitor Section - Booth #336.
The DSA Z Hawk incorporates the standard AR15 armorer tools into one of the most already versatile tools on the planet, the tomahawk
BACKSTROM, a diminutive, 45-year-old housewife from Hoquiam, Washington, was captured in this photo receiving her tuned Colt Model 1911A1 from then-Staff Sergeant Paul Blazejowski, a legendary match armorer for the Marine Corps Pistol Team.
armorer workshop behind ADM block at STC BSF Udhampur.