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tr.v. ar·peg·gi·at·ed, ar·peg·gi·at·ing, ar·peg·gi·ates
1. To play or sing (a chord) in arpeggio.
2. To represent (the tones of a chord) as separate notes, as on a staff.

ar·peg′gi·a′tor n.


vb (tr)
to play an arpeggioto represent (a chord) as separate notes on a score
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The Chord Builder and Arpeggiator allow a user to design a chord/arpeggio to be played with just one finger over a selected range of keys.
On stage they use guitars, a synthesiser, arpeggiator, drum machine and vocals which creates a brilliant camp 80s vibe crossed with synth pop sounds of today.
An extensive arpeggiator is also included for creating interesting repeating patterns.