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n. pl. ar·roy·os
1. A deep gully cut by an intermittent stream; a dry gulch.
2. A brook; a creek.

[Spanish, from Vulgar Latin *arrugius, gold mine, underground passage, variant of Latin arrugia, a galleried mine.]


n, pl -os
(Physical Geography) a steep-sided stream bed that is usually dry except after heavy rain
[C19: from Spanish]


(Biography) Gloria Macapagal. born 1947, Filipino stateswoman; vice-president of the Philippines (1998–2001); president (2001–10)


(əˈrɔɪ oʊ)

n., pl. -os.
(chiefly in southwest U.S.) a small steep-sided watercourse or gulch with a nearly flat floor: usu. dry except after heavy rains.
[1800–10, Amer.; < Sp]
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Noun1.arroyo - a stream or brookarroyo - a stream or brook      
southwestern United States, Southwest - the southwestern region of the United States generally including New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, California, and sometimes Utah and Colorado
gully - deep ditch cut by running water (especially after a prolonged downpour)
References in classic literature ?
The deep arroyo through which Squaw Creek wound was now only a cleft between snowdrifts--very blue when one looked down into it.
Few western wonders are more inspiring than the beauties of an Arizona moonlit landscape; the silvered mountains in the distance, the strange lights and shadows upon hog back and arroyo, and the grotesque details of the stiff, yet beautiful cacti form a picture at once enchanting and inspiring; as though one were catching for the first time a glimpse of some dead and forgotten world, so different is it from the aspect of any other spot upon our earth.
Sometimes, having exhausted our supply of wild meat and emptied our casks, we were days without food or drink; then a water-hole or a shallow pool in the bottom of an arroyo so restored our strength and sanity that we were able to shoot some of the wild animals that sought it also.
Near the Arroyo Tapes I heard of a wood of palms; and one of these trees, of considerable size, I saw near the Pan de Azucar, in lat.
Lozada had pointed to the Arroyos as the masterminds behind the scuttled NBN deal, and accused former Commission on Elections chairman Benjamin Abalos of being the broker for the deal in exchange for commissions.
In an interview after the hearing, Lozada was asked how he felt that Arroyo, whose husband former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo was implicated in the National Broadband Network-ZTE deal anomaly, is back in Congress.
Instead Arroyos prose is laced with thinly veiled hagiographic comments, even when describing her conflicts with U.
Because of the recent findings, although Newhall hasn't received Sandburg's report, the company is surveying for arroyos in the area again.
Watching Shiffman's battle with peritoneal mesothelioma, an extremely rare affliction of the bowel and abdomen, has become poignant for the Arroyos.
Gadon said Alamuddin updated Arroyos legal team on the call late February and the latter has opted for the urgent procedure as their last legal remedy after three denied bail petitions at the Sandiganbayan.
What some people don't realize is what inland cities are doing to show stewardship and leadership in cleaning up the arroyos and creeks.
Wearing a soft brace around her neck, Arroyo returned to the hometown she represents in Congress for the first time in almost four years, since she remains under hospital arrest on plunder charges at the Veterans Medical Memorial Center in Quezon City.