ars gratia artis

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ars gra•ti•a ar•tis

(ˈɑrs ˈgrɑ tiˌɑ ˈɑr tɪs; Eng. ˈɑrz ˈgreɪ ʃi ə ˈɑr tɪs, ɑrs)
art for art's sake.
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Carlson uses the event to underscore an important point, one which has the potential to impact on modern critical interpretations of entire literary careers in the later Middle Ages, that poets were 'Not free agents, muse-driven, self-activating or self-motivating, producing art ars gratia artis, or not wholly so: poets were promiscuous tools, or were also, to be used for propaganda on behalf of commissioning agencies within the secular state' (p.
Which film company has the Latin motto Ars Gratia Artis (Art for art's sake)?
Although Garnett's artistic ideas are admirable, as is her defense of ars gratia artis, an acknowledgement of the historical context so evident in Meiselas's photographs would have been appreciated.