arsenic acid

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ar·sen·ic acid

A poisonous, hygroscopic, white, translucent crystalline compound, H3AsO4, occurring chiefly in its hemihydrate form, used to manufacture arsenates and glass, and in treating wood.

arsenic acid

(Elements & Compounds) a white poisonous soluble crystalline solid used in the manufacture of arsenates and insecticides. Formula: H3AsO4

arsen′ic ac′id

a white, crystalline, water-soluble powder, H3AsO4∙½H2O, used esp. in the manufacture of arsenates.
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Noun1.arsenic acid - an acid formed from arsenic pentoxidearsenic acid - an acid formed from arsenic pentoxide
acid - any of various water-soluble compounds having a sour taste and capable of turning litmus red and reacting with a base to form a salt
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It occurs naturally in inorganic and organic forms, such as arsenic acid (H3AsO4) and arsenous acid (H3AsO3) and their dissociation derivatives (H2AsO4 -, HAsO4 2-, H2AsO3 - and HAsO3 2-)arsenites, arsenates, monomethylarsenic acid (MMAA), and dimethylarsenic acid (DMAA) [2].
People beating dogs, teenagers throwing arsenic acid on cats or covering them in glue just for laughs, and pets that lived all their lives with a family but suddenly abandoned on the streets and unable to care for themselves are the usual problems the society faced.
The extent of the interaction was greater in the pH range 8-10 for As(V) and dimethyl arsenic acid, whereas it extended to pH 12 for As(III) (Thanabalasingam and Pickering 1986).