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A silver-white to gray arsenic ore, essentially FeAsS. Also called mispickel.


(ˌɑːsɪnəʊˈpaɪraɪt; ɑːˌsɛnə-)
(Minerals) a white or grey metallic mineral consisting of a sulphide of iron and arsenic that forms monoclinic crystals with an orthorhombic shape: an ore of arsenic. Formula: FeAsS. Also called: mispickel


(ˌɑr sə noʊˈpaɪ raɪt, ɑrˌsɛn ə-)

a common mineral, iron arsenic sulfide, FeAsS, occurring in silver-white to steel-gray crystals or masses: an ore of arsenic.
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Noun1.arsenopyrite - a silver-white or grey ore of arsenicarsenopyrite - a silver-white or grey ore of arsenic
As, atomic number 33, arsenic - a very poisonous metallic element that has three allotropic forms; arsenic and arsenic compounds are used as herbicides and insecticides and various alloys; found in arsenopyrite and orpiment and realgar
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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MacPherson's drilling strategy is for infill reverse circulation drilling to test its geological model and scope out the extent of two styles of gold mineralization: dolerite-hosted northwest dipping quartz vein arrays with associated weak-to-strong pervasive hematite and iron carbonate alteration, with greater than 1% pyrite and greater than 1% arsenopyrite mineralization, and high-grade, narrow-quartz-vein gold mineralization with greater than 1% pyrite and greater than 1% arsenopyrite.
A 300-kilogram sample of arsenopyrite concentrate will be taken from the flotation plants in Ponce Enriquez and shipped to Laurentian University for five to six months of bioleach test work.
7 m is related to a pegmatite dyke hosted in tonalite, with abundant arsenopyrite and pyrrhotite.
Within the deeper diorite unit, some intense sericite alteration was observed with arsenopyrite, pyrite and pyrrhotite, generally as selvedges to quartz veins.
The TOZ occurs along the Porcupine-Destor Break within a zone of albitized sediments and strongly silicified felsic porphyries with associated pyrite and arsenopyrite mineralization.
The firm will be operating induced polarisation studies on the northern arsenopyrite gold zone.
Biotechnological applications in auriferous mining: state-of-the-art on bacterial oxidation of arsenopyrite (FeAsS)
Globally, the most widespread arsenic ore mineral is Arsenopyrite (FeAsS).
One of our research interests is related to the oxidation of arsenopyrite (FeAsS) in the tailings from the Mount Pleasant Tungsten Mine, which is located approximately 60 km south of Fredericton, NB.
Much of the gold in the Obuasi mines is locked in pyrite and arsenopyrite, both associated with arsenic and sulfur.