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(ˈɑr sə nəs)

also ar•se•ni•ous

(ɑrˈsi ni əs)

containing arsenic in the trivalent state.
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It occurs naturally in inorganic and organic forms, such as arsenic acid (H3AsO4) and arsenous acid (H3AsO3) and their dissociation derivatives (H2AsO4 -, HAsO4 2-, H2AsO3 - and HAsO3 2-)arsenites, arsenates, monomethylarsenic acid (MMAA), and dimethylarsenic acid (DMAA) [2].
e (as in another) er ar e a o ou u y afterwards adversary abdomen arsenous agapanthus bylina (a Russian traditional heroic poem) buffoonery
Qualitatively, arsenic may be detected by precipitation as the yellow arsenous sulfide from hydrochloric acid of 25% or greater concentration.
Between then and 1955, arsenic (as the sodium salt of arsenous acid) was widely used on the NSW north coast and along the NSW--Queensland border.
Mineralogical evaluations of the sulphide ore showed that gold was primarily associated with pyrite, marcasite, and arsenous or arsenopyrite mineralization.