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(ˈɑr sə nəs)

also ar•se•ni•ous

(ɑrˈsi ni əs)

containing arsenic in the trivalent state.
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Laboratory Procedure Manual: Arsenobetaine, Arsenocholine, Trimethylarsine Oxide, Monomethylarsonic Acid, Dimethylarsinic Acid, Arsenous (III) Acid, Arsenic (V) Acid, Total Arsenic.
It occurs naturally in inorganic and organic forms, such as arsenic acid (H3AsO4) and arsenous acid (H3AsO3) and their dissociation derivatives (H2AsO4 -, HAsO4 2-, H2AsO3 - and HAsO3 2-)arsenites, arsenates, monomethylarsenic acid (MMAA), and dimethylarsenic acid (DMAA) [2].
e (as in another) er ar e a o ou u y afterwards adversary abdomen arsenous agapanthus bylina (a Russian traditional heroic poem) buffoonery
Qualitatively, arsenic may be detected by precipitation as the yellow arsenous sulfide from hydrochloric acid of 25% or greater concentration.