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Artists - art critics and such like - people of no account.
The Leventis Art Gallery continues to pay tribute to one of the pioneering artists of the first generation of Modern Cypriot Art in the exhibition Solomos Frangoulidis: The Artist -- The Art Critic until September 4 in the Claude Monet Hall.
FILM and art critic and teacher Justiniano Gino Dormiendo passed away early Monday.
Paul Blanco Zaffaralla, a well respected art critic says, "My piece in the book is a continuation of my mindset on what constitute an objective and learned art criticism.
Outspoken art critic Brian Sewell has died of cancer, aged 84.
Bush might have relied on Google for his paintings, according to an art critic.
The late Arthur Coleman Danto (January 1, 1924-October 25, 2013) was an American art critic and philosopher.
I'm so fond of my now-endangered profession as a mass-media art critic that I don't want to see massive changes to it.
But art critic Waldemar Januszczak, who writes for The Sunday Times, said he was "disappointed" by the portrait and there was a lack of sparkle in Kate's eyes.
According to Hume, experience in observing art is one of the prerequisites for being an ideal art critic.
Amy Goldin (1926-1978) is introduced as a maverick art critic who focused mainly on the contemporary art world.
Kramer's was a familiar name and byline to fans of intellectual skywriting: from various perches, including Partisan Review, The New York Times (where he was chief art critic from 1974 to 1982), and finally The New Criterion, a journal he also edited, he lashed out at what he saw as postmodernism's distortions of the traditional modernist and pre-modernist aesthetics, most explicitly in the world of visual arts but also more broadly in the culture.