art deco

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art dec·o

also Art Dec·o  (ärt dĕk′ō)
A decorative and architectural style of the period 1925-1940, characterized by geometric designs, bold colors, and the use of plastic and glass.

[French Art Déco, from Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, a 1925 exposition in Paris, France.]

Art Deco

(Art Movements) (also without capitals)
a. a style of interior decoration, jewellery, architecture, etc, at its height in the 1930s and characterized by geometrical shapes, stylized natural forms, and symmetrical utilitarian designs adapted to mass production
b. (as modifier): an Art-Deco carpet.
[C20: shortened from art décoratif, after the Exposition des arts décoratifs held in Paris in 1925]

art′ dec′o

(often caps.) a style of decorative art developed orig. in the 1920s and marked chiefly by geometric motifs, curvilinear forms, and sharply defined outlines.
[1965–70; < French Art Déco, shortened from (Exposition Internationale des) Arts Décoratifs]

Art Deco

A decorative arts and architectural style emanating from Paris in 1925 and common in both Europe and America. Stylized and modernist, it reconciled methods of massproduction and manufactured materials (such as bakelite) as well as using luxury items. Furniture included metalwork designs.
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Noun1.Art Deco - a style of design that was popular in the 1920s and 1930sart deco - a style of design that was popular in the 1920s and 1930s; marked by stylized forms and geometric designs adapted to mass production
art movement, artistic movement - a group of artists who agree on general principles

Art Deco

art deco [ˌɑːrtˈdɛkəʊ] nart m décoart director ndirecteur/trice m/f artistique

Art Deco

nArt déco f
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Napier has a beautiful setting overlooking Hawke's bays sandy beaches on the North Island; Most buildings boast ornate Art Deco design; Peter goes back to the 1930s in city of Napier
WORK yesterday started on restoring an historic North Wales pier's glass ceiling to its 1930s' Art Deco heyday.
This landmark property continues to attract buyers from all over the metropolitan area," add Filopoulos, who attributes the strong sales activity to The Beacon's well-priced apartments, classic art deco design and exceptional lifestyle amenities.
Art deco was, as Alastair Duncan remarks in his well-known 1988 book on the subject, 'the last truly sumptuous style; a legitimate and highly fertile chapter in the history of the applied arts.
Although you'll see examples of Art Deco architecture in towns across Britain - from cinemas and department stores to factories, banks and lidos - houses and flats remain relatively rare.
The highly buffed wood surfaces and indirect lighting of the art deco motif heighten the enchantment.
In an era that includes both the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression, Art Deco embodied the optimism and escapism of the inter-war years.
In the field of antiques, collecting from the Art Deco period remains one of the most prolific and certainly one of the most exciting when it comes to beautiful things.
In the continuing saga of Burlington House Floor Accents' retreat from its rug operations, its woven rug business has been acquired by Canada's Carpet Art Deco.
Sleek light fittings have Art Deco overtones, reinforced by the gorgeous, plush red interiors of the individual cinemas.
And they desperately need art deco houses in Scotland to use as sets for a new series.
The acclaimed 1220 at the Tides restaurant offers exquisite dining with quietly attentive service in an indoor and outdoor setting: The Terrace overlooks Ocean Drive and the beach; the interior enchants with art deco elegance.