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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: department - the academic department responsible for teaching art and art appreciationart department - the academic department responsible for teaching art and art appreciation
academic department - a division of a school that is responsible for a given subject
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NAPC0 said the title will be targeted to professionals responsible for design budgets in excess of $1 million, including design firm owners, agency and corporate art department managers, and art department managers of large consumer magazines and catalogs.
Sales will always benefit from a competent and highly productive art department that creates proofs, comps and final art--all of which is accurate, produced to spec and in a timely fashion.
Either that, or its art department is trying to tell us something.
Kean University senior Julia Massiah learned the inner workings of circulation, while Fieldstown High School senior Billy Peraza made his second internship appearance in the art department.
Now that school is out and he has a little extra time, he has been further revealed as a fine artist whose sense of color and proportion adds to the overall depth of our art department.
A member of the art department said they were aiming for a Russian Constructivist look.
Art Department; Michael Fuller, Otis College of Art & Design; Margit Omar, USC School of Fine Arts; and Don Suggs, UCLA Art Department.
The students from Stockton Riverside College's art department produced a range of 60ft long and 8ft high Christmas scenes on the centre's hoardings.
The framed work was subsequently displayed in the art department and went on sale for pounds 5 a piece.
As long as we get it picked up and delivered once a day, we're OK with that,'' said David Moon, chairman of the Art Department.
Fieldston High School senior Billy Peraza is in our art department.
A graduate of the Philadelphia College of Art, Miles, 56, began his professional career in 1962 in the art department of the Philadelphia Bulletin.