art teacher

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: teacher - someone who teaches artart teacher - someone who teaches art    
instructor, teacher - a person whose occupation is teaching
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In addition to painting, he worked as an art teacher in different schools.
TEESSIDE art teacher Mo Coade is showing off her work after winning a prestigious prize.
A PAINTING by Scottish artist Sir David Wilkie, thought lost for more than 140 years, has been bought by the National Gallery using a legacy left by a former Birmingham art teacher.
When I started teaching, I was so fortunate that a very special art teacher welcomed me with open arms, gave me lesson plans and offered to come to my school to teach me how to use our kiln.
coordinator of art teacher certification, directs the program for KCAI.
The actress plays sexy art teacher Miss Tivnan, who sparks a romantic rivalry between star Martin Moone (David Rawle) and his imaginary friend Sean - played by show creator Chris O'Dowd.
This new adaptation of the classic Victorian thriller, which has never been out of print since its first publication in 1860, features a star cast, including Colin Baker, the sixth incarnation of Doctor Who, Peter Amory, the evil Chris Tate in Emmerdale, and Karen Ford, who played art teacher Miss Booth for seven years in Grange Hill.
Dr SreeKumar Padmanabhan (Qatar Petroleum, freelance artist), Patrick Rozario (professional artist), Sauman Pal (HoD art/craft-Birla Public School, Shamim Zakia, Regint Varghese, Renjith K Kutty, Amit Chakravarty (all art teachers at BPS) Amit Chakraborty (HoD art/craft -- DPS-MIS), Amit Majumdar (art teacher, DPS-MIS),
We took the decision to make the art teacher post part time without knowledge or reference to Ms Raven's pregnancy.
TOPLESS pictures of a glamorous art teacher have been passed between pupils at posh Harrow School.
CUTLINE: From left, Craig Maxim, director of Family Continuity's Whitinsville Mental Health Clinic; Northbridge High School art teacher Jennifer Mulkerrin; students Amy Branchaud, Katie Duverney, Sarah Denault and Olivia Marchi; and art teacher Danielle Pianka show off a mural made by the students.