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According to the Art Therapy Association, two other schools offer art therapy as a concentration within other disciplines and two others offer doctorates in creative/expressive art therapies.
One year after their music and art therapies began, both charities are expanding their work across Scotland.
The reader is provided with a snapshot of how these various creative art therapies are used to treat men and women suffering from issues related to domestic violence.
Promoting mental health is high on the agenda and while it is difficult to demonstrate the long-term effectiveness of these types of interventions, the text offers many creative art therapies that might be worth considering with at-risk children and young people here in the United Kingdom.
A spokesman said: 'We can now confirm that Mr X has a piano in his room and his clinical team are starting to explore both music and art therapies.
Essentially a reprint of Dance As a Healing Art: A Teacher's Guide & Support Manual for People with Cancer published in 1977 by the Halprin-founded Tamalpa Institute, this newly minted book is meant to achieve a broader distribution of the life-affirming movement and art therapies devised by Anna Halprin.