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I'll take you to the room in which the articled clerk generally sits.
Sir, that man has made friends with our articled clerk.
And I tell you what, Sir, if I hadn't more of these qualities that commonly endear man to man, than our articled clerk has, I'd steal a Cheshire cheese, tie it round my neck, and drown myself.
There is the articled clerk, who has paid a premium, and is an attorney in perspective, who runs a tailor's bill, receives invitations to parties, knows a family in Gower Street, and another in Tavistock Square; who goes out of town every long vacation to see his father, who keeps live horses innumerable; and who is, in short, the very aristocrat of clerks.
I suppose, sir,' said I, still desiring to spare my aunt, 'that it is not the custom here, if an articled clerk were particularly useful, and made himself a perfect master of his profession' - I could not help blushing, this looked so like praising myself - 'I suppose it is not the custom, in the later years of his time, to allow him any -'
Articled clerks have been in the habit of fleshing their legal wit upon it.
In 2003, she commenced with Legal Aid WA as an Articled Clerk before being promoted to a Solicitor in the Client Services Division from 2003 to 2004.
Jon studied law at Durham University and began his legal career as an articled clerk in the early 1980s before qualifying and joining Wilkinson Woodward in 1990.
As for "young" John Cameron, his working life began as an articled clerk to a Stockton firm of accountants, but he was to join the brewing firm founded by his uncle, Col J.
Townsman (7) LAST WEEK'S SOLUTION: Across - 1 Acting the fool; 10 Pixie; 11 Love letter; 13 Shampoo; 15 Rotterdam; 16 Larva; 17 Prowess; 19 Err; 20 Sparkish; 21 Prolific; 24 Rue; 25 Reddish; 26 Gamin; 27 Equivocal; 30 Drainer; 31 Atmosphere; 33 Mecca; 34 Articled clerk.
As an articled clerk he captained Cardiff High School Old Boys in rugby and after breaking his leg took up the position of coach from 1967 until 1974.
Lord Jones spent 20 years with Edge & Ellison, a Birmingham-based firm of lawyers, where he worked his way up from Articled Clerk to Senior Partner.