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Of or relating to a joint or joints: the articular surfaces of bones.

[Middle English articuler, from Latin articulāris, from articulus, small joint; see article.]

ar·tic′u·lar·ly adv.
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m "We are p W articularly concerned at the figures for the West Wales and W the Valleys region, and feel there is a real need for policies that promote economic development in all parts of Wales.
Theorists, p articularly from information management areas have wrestled with explaining what has changed, even as many communication scholars have more or less assumed that the original gatekeeping theories still apply.
But the fans - the young ones articularly - want to see winning ootball.
This theme has pported children's personal, cial and emotional learning rough role-playing as animals, articularly outside in our garden hich we have named the jungle.
articularly big deal but it is arly respectful to Roy and squad either.
DAIRY PRO A PROBLEM WIT Tetracycline and qu(for example, ciprofSome minerals, pa milk, can interfere wantibiotics are absor"Avoid dairy producheese, yogu before or tw ciprofloxaci Dr Sarah J BE AWA calciumand articularly calcium in with how these types of rbed.
Citizens are targeted by the plan which is part of Guyana s wider Low Carbon Development Strategy, articularly those in Amerindian villages that are too far from the electrical grid to receive power through traditional means.
So although Grands Crus is only 6-1 at the moment, there's still scope for his price to contract - p articularly so when you think of the great record the Pipes have enjoyed in the race.
This may be articularly true if good governance is defined as stability or efficiency, rather than profit maximisation.
Earlier, TMK reported a 6% QoQ decline in pipe production in 3Q to 1,029kt, with the decline in LDP production articularly pronounced, down 32% QoQ to 111kt.