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also ar·te·fact  (är′tə-făkt′)
1. An object produced or shaped by human craft, especially a tool, weapon, or ornament of archaeological or historical interest.
2. Something viewed as a product of human conception or agency rather than an inherent element: "Morality is an artifact of human culture, devised to help us negotiate social relations" (Michael Pollan).
3. A phenomenon or feature not originally present or expected and caused by an interfering external agent, action, or process, as an unwanted feature in a microscopic specimen after fixation, in a digitally reproduced image, or in a digital audio recording.
4. An inaccurate observation, effect, or result, especially one resulting from the technology used in scientific investigation or from experimental error: The apparent pattern in the data was an artifact of the collection method.

[Latin arte, ablative of ars, art; see art1 + factum, something made (from neuter past participle of facere, to make; see dhē- in Indo-European roots).]

ar′ti·fac′tu·al (-făk′cho͝o-əl) adj.


a variant of artefactual
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Adj.1.artifactual - of or relating to artifactsartifactual - of or relating to artifacts    
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That just flies in the face of what people from museums have said; that there is no artifactual record from the residential school era.
To test hypotheses regarding social disintegration, economic stress, environmental degradation due to climatic or anthropogenic causes, and the question of plague the project integrates approaches in the archaeology of households, landscapes and garbage through use of biomolecular, botanical, zoological, geological, chronometric, artifactual and contextual sources of data.
This approach is evident in her work as the founder of TAMI, the Texas Archive of the Moving Image, an on-line archive that digitizes film and video and makes it available on-line, but does not house the artifactual materials, leaving them with the original owners and educating them on the basics of proper storage.
Current endangered species preservation laws were largely designed to preserve existing species in their historical and existing habitat, while minimizing those resources deemed to be artificial or artifactual.
Artifactual literacies: every object tells a story.
For instance, the shared curricular framework of Parsons' recently revamped undergraduate design studies focused on the stuff of artifactual environments such as space, time and materials, but light was missing (there is now talk to include light and energy in the list).
The legacy of echt-modernist architecture and planning, for example--a creed of formal sobriety in the service of rationalized material (and social) technologies that was uniquely influential on the condition of the twentieth-century urban fabric--has long provided raw material for any number of theoretical and artifactual recapitulations.
16] Prostate cancer mortality from high-grade disease in the PCPT was the same in both groups, suggesting that the increase was artifactual.
What might cause artifactual hyperbilirubinemia in anicteric blood?
The time-dependent swelling of platelets in samples anticoagulated with EDTA can result in an artifactual increase in MPV, causing misinterpretation of prothrombotic changes.
Manama, Feb 12 (BNA) -- General Directorate of External Communication (GDEC) at the Information Affairs Authority (I) today launched the first issuance of photobook entitled (100 photographs of my homeland), which includes top 100 historical, artifactual, tourist and economic photos of Bahrain, as part of the GDEC's celebrations on the 13th anniversary of the adoption of the National Action Charter.
This labeling strategy provides several advantages over conventional approaches : 1) compounds arising from biosynthesis (experimental and control) have a unique isotopic signature and all unsigned artifactual signals can be removed from the dataset (usually the largest portion of the dataset); 2) sample-to-sample variance from sample extraction and preparation is minimized because the control and experiment are combined into a single sample; 3) measurement of both the molecular weight and the exact number of carbon atoms in each molecule provides extremely accurate molecular formulas; and 4) as the protocol uses a central biochemical point of reference embedded in every sample, relative concentrations of all metabolites are easily determined.