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Noun1.artificial additive - an additive to food intended to improve its flavor or appearance or shelf-lifeartificial additive - an additive to food intended to improve its flavor or appearance or shelf-life
additive - something added to enhance food or gasoline or paint or medicine
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The Midlands Co-ordinating Group on Trading Standards, which covers the West Midlands and parts of Shropshire, said 36 of 70 "intensely coloured" dishes contained excessive levels of artificial additive.
In a statement, the company said its mission is to develop food and beverage production technology that makes reliance on commonly used antibiotics, preservatives, flavour enhancers, and artificial additives obsolete.
Eco-friendly or green products are made of natural substances; chemicals, artificial additives, and other synthetics are not used during the production process.
Containing the correct balance of electrolytes, no artificial additives and utilising natural Cane Sugar with only 10 calories per stick, SOS helps you absorb three times more water than water alone.
The company manufactures all its products to GMP standards and there are no artificial additives in them.
According to company officials, the 48,000-square-foot factory, housed in four interconnected six-story buildings, has become outgrown due to the increasing demand for matzo among Gentiles who enjoy it as a healthy snack with no fat or artificial additives.
With no artificial additives or preservatives, only the best ingredients and exotic spices are infused to create flavours and textures to delight the palate.
Patchwork s products are free from artificial additives, stabilisers, preservatives or hydrogenated fats and contain the highest quality ingredients.
EICMP's Camelicious camel milk is a natural product without any artificial additives and preservatives and hence associated with numerous benefits, it added.
The Merthyr-based company, which specialises in creating traditional low fat soups without artificial additives or preservatives, worked with the Food Industry Centre at Cardiff Metropolitan University and Jon Williams, WRU National Squad nutritionist and director at Pro Athlete Supplementation, to develop a high protein soup (Pro-Soup) to aid recovery following training.
Lu Ann Williams, research manager at Innova Market Insights, confirmed that interest in naturalness, all-natural ingredients and the elimination of artificial additives has continued to be an area of considerable interest in the food and drinks market.
Read food labels and cut out any sugary foods and those that contain artificial additives and sweeteners.