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feed  (fd)
v. fed (fd), feed·ing, feeds
a. To give food to; supply with nourishment: feed the children.
b. To provide as food or nourishment: fed fish to the cat.
a. To serve as food for: The turkey is large enough to feed a dozen.
b. To produce food for: The valley feeds an entire county.
a. To provide for consumption, utilization, or operation: feed logs to a fire; feed data into a computer.
b. To supply with something essential for growth, maintenance, or operation: Melting snow feeds the reservoirs.
c. To distribute (a local radio or television broadcast) to a larger audience or group of receivers by way of a network or satellite.
a. To minister to; gratify: fed their appetite for the morbid.
b. To support or promote; encourage: His unexplained absences fed our suspicions.
5. To supply as a cue: feed lines to an actor.
6. Sports To pass a ball or puck to (a teammate), especially to set up a scoring chance.
1. To eat: pigs feeding at a trough.
2. To be nourished or supported: an ego that feeds on flattery.
a. To move steadily, as into a machine for processing.
b. To be channeled; flow: This road feeds into the freeway.
a. Food for animals or birds.
b. The amount of such food given at one time.
2. Informal A meal, especially a large one.
3. The act of eating.
a. Material or an amount of material supplied, as to a machine or furnace.
b. The act of supplying such material.
a. An apparatus that supplies material to a machine.
b. The aperture through which such material enters a machine.
a. The transmission or conveyance of a local radio or television program, as by satellite, on the Internet, or by broadcast over a network of stations.
b. A program or signal so transmitted or conveyed.
7. Sports A pass of a ball or puck, especially to set up a scoring chance.
off (one's) feed
Suffering a lack of appetite; sick: The dog is off its feed this week.

[Middle English feden, from Old English fdan; see p- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.feeding - the act of consuming foodfeeding - the act of consuming food            
chewing, mastication, chew, manduction - biting and grinding food in your mouth so it becomes soft enough to swallow
mycophagy - the practice of eating fungi (especially mushrooms collected in the wild)
consumption, ingestion, intake, uptake - the process of taking food into the body through the mouth (as by eating)
chomp, bite - the act of gripping or chewing off with the teeth and jaws
browsing, browse - the act of feeding by continual nibbling
coprophagia, coprophagy - eating feces; in human a symptom of some kinds of insanity
dining - the act of eating dinner
engorgement - eating ravenously or voraciously to satiation
banqueting, feasting - eating an elaborate meal (often accompanied by entertainment)
grazing, graze - the act of grazing
lunching - the act of eating lunch
repletion, surfeit - eating until excessively full
supping - ingestion of liquid food with a spoon or by drinking
degustation, relishing, savoring, savouring, tasting - taking a small amount into the mouth to test its quality; "cooking was fine but it was the savoring that he enjoyed most"
necrophagia, necrophagy - feeding on corpses or carrion
omophagia - the eating of raw food
scatophagy - the eating of excrement or other filth
2.feeding - the act of supplying food and nourishmentfeeding - the act of supplying food and nourishment
lactation, suckling - feeding an infant by giving suck at the breast
supplying, provision, supply - the activity of supplying or providing something
infant feeding - feeding an infant
forced feeding, gavage - feeding that consists of the delivery of a nutrient solution (as through a nasal tube) to someone who cannot or will not eat
intravenous feeding, IV - administration of nutrients through a vein
overfeeding - excessive feeding
spoonfeeding - feeding someone (as a baby) from a spoon
hyperalimentation, total parenteral nutrition, TPN - administration of a nutritionally adequate solution through a catheter into the vena cava; used in cases of long-term coma or severe burns or severe gastrointestinal syndromes
feeding [ˈfiːdɪŋ]
A. N (= act) → alimentación f; (= meals) → comida f
B. CPD feeding bottle N (esp Brit) → biberón m
feeding frenzy N the birds engage in a feeding frenzylos pájaros inician un frenético festín
she was caught in a media feeding frenzyse vio convertida en el centro de una atención febril por parte de los medios de comunicación
feeding ground N (lit) → fuente f de alimentación (fig) → mina f de oro
the factory will soon be a feeding ground for lawyersla fábrica será pronto una mina de oro para los abogados
feeding time N (at zoo) → hora f de comer; (baby's) (= time for breast feed) → hora f del pecho; (= time for bottle feed) → hora f del biberón
feeding [ˈfiːdɪŋ] n [person, animal] → alimentation f
feeding bottle n (British)biberon m
feeding frenzy n
The press was in a feeding frenzy → La presse s'est déchaînée.
feeding time n [breast-fed baby] → heure f de la tétée; [bottle-fed baby] → heure f du biberon; [animals] (in zoo)heure f de nourrir les animaux
feeding bottle
nFlasche f
feeding cup
nSchnabeltasse f
feeding frenzy
(lit)Futterstreit m
(fig) the press was in a feedingdie Presse riss sich um die Story
feeding ground
nFutterplatz m
feeding time
n (for animal) → Fütterungszeit f; (for baby) → Zeit ffür die Mahlzeit; the baby’s feeding was still an hour awaydie nächste Mahlzeit des Säuglings war erst in einer Stunde fällig
feeding [ˈfiːdɪŋ] nalimentazione f

n.  alimentación; breast- ___ → lactancia materna;  enteral ___ → ___ enteral;  ___ time → horario de ___;  forced ___ → ___ forzada;  intravenous ___ → ___ intravenosa;  rectal ___ → ___ por el recto;  tube ___ → ___ por sonda.

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