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Noun1.artificial joint - a metal or plastic part that is surgically implanted to replace a natural joint (possibly elbow or wrist but usually hip or knee)
implant - a prosthesis placed permanently in tissue
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This can lead to early wear and loosening of the artificial joint (like the car tyres wearing faster if not properly aligned).
The magnitude and distribution of stress and displacement in this course become more important in order to understand the working status of the artificial joint.
He said: "The thinking was a metal-on-metal ball and socket joint should be far more effective and hard-wearing for patients than the older style metal-on-polymer system where the softer polymer tended to wear away quite quickly, releasing particles and eventually causing the artificial joint to fail.
While most of these surgeries are completed without a hitch, there is a good chance that the artificial joint will eventually fail and need to be replaced.
The orthopedic sports medicine devices market is inclusive of fracture repair devices, artificial joint implants, prosthetics, arthroscopy devices, and orthobiologics.
The MXL project uses computational modelling to define the mechanics of an artificial joint - a complex interaction of individual anatomy, prosthesis design, sizing and placement - to ensure successful surgery and longer lifespans of the prosthetic joints.
He became interested in artificial joint design while receiving specialized training in biomechanics and biomaterials at Cooper Union.
ISLAMABAD, March 15, 2012 (Balochistan Times): British experts at the worlds biggest artificial joint registry said doctors should stop using metal-on-metal hip replacements, citing an analysis showing they have to be fixed or replaced more often than other implants.
Simulator machines are designed to test the function and durability of implants by recreating the loads and movements of almost any activity so the response of an artificial joint can be evaluated.
It's not unrealistic to expect to get 20 years of use from an artificial joint," he says.
When individuals with this injury are young, they add, joint replacement "may not provide sufficient longevity," due to loosening or wear of the artificial joint or progression of arthritis.
The technology center in Connecticut will be designed to serve users in both aircraft and medical industries, such as artificial joint manufacturers.

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