artificial lake

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Noun1.artificial lake - lake used to store water for community useartificial lake - lake used to store water for community use
water supply, water system, water - a facility that provides a source of water; "the town debated the purification of the water supply"; "first you have to cut off the water"
lake - a body of (usually fresh) water surrounded by land
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The moonlight had broadened and brightened, the wind had driven off the clouds and itself died fitfully away, when he came round again to the artificial lake in front of the house.
The place had been covered with an artificial lake, if only because the whole truth had to be covered with an artificial legend.
The same may be said of the other artificial lakes full of ships that go in and out upon this high road to all parts of the world.
The land sliding also caused an artificial lake after it blocked water gushing from a local stream.
Caption: NEW RESORT--Developers have opened a new resort in the desert 60 kilometers (40 miles) west of Qom at Dastjerd with waterskiing on an artificial lake and a health spa.
The project, with a total area of 160,000 square meters, has the capacity to accommodate 1,125 tourists; it has an artificial lake covering 12,000 square meters around which 160 facilities are arranged," he pointed out.
Therthar is an artificial lake opened in 1956, situated 120 kilometers North of Baghdad between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers.
Tenders are invited for lac - adf of 2012 - cultural affairs department - construction of artificial lake and providing additinal facilities to museum cultural complex, krishnapuram (dsr 2014)
NNA - Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea, represented by LF deputy, Fadi Karam, sponsored Sunday the inauguration ceremony of the artificial lake built in outskirts of Kobayyat in northern Lebanon, in the presence of an audience of political, social and religious figures.
The new road would replace a section of the existing road, submerged in an artificial lake created by a massive landslide in the Hunza river, at Attabad in 2010.
Torrential rains caused a nearby artificial lake to spill over and weaken its earthen dam.
There are chances of the artificial lake created in the river by the landslide bursting any time.