artificial skin

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Noun1.artificial skin - a synthetic covering with two layers used experimentally to treat burn victims
covering - an artifact that covers something else (usually to protect or shelter or conceal it)
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It can also be used in the production of artificial skin or other medical stuff.
Artificial skin helps burn victims and those with severe skin wounds.
The advantage of using it over artificial skin is that the body is familiar with its structure.
Patient Grahame Elsmore, 56, from Wednesbury, told how her how he is helping with artificial skin research after he was badly injured 21 years ago.
Natural and artificial skin end up changing places, interpenetrating, dissolving into each other and becoming blurred in pictorial fiction.
The unit has the latest dressing materials, artificial skin substitutes and surgical techniques, ensuring that we always remain on the cutting-edge of burn care developments.
But deceased-donor skin grafts are in short supply and expensive - disadvantages also applying to artificial skin grafts - must be carefully tested for pathogens and are eventually rejected by a patient's immune system.
An artificial skin graft called Matriderm was used for the first time to reconstruct the layers of her badly-damaged hand.
Synthetic or artificial skin refers to the skin grown in a laboratory that can be used by people who have suffered skin trauma such as severe burn or skin diseases, he added.
Using artificial skin substitutes for repair avoids the difficulties of grafts, but an ideal material for a scaffold that's strong and allows regeneration of skin tissue has yet to be found.
In conclusion, asiaticoside promotes skin cell behaviors involved in wound healing; and as a bioactive component of an artificial skin, may have therapeutic value.