artillery shell

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Noun1.artillery shell - a shell fired by artilleryartillery shell - a shell fired by artillery    
shell - ammunition consisting of a cylindrical metal casing containing an explosive charge and a projectile; fired from a large gun
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In June 2013, a man gardening at his Kansas home unearthed a still-live World War I-era artillery shell.
The fuses, referred to as precision guidance kits, attach to an existing 155 mm artillery shell and include a GPS system and control surfaces to guide the shell in-flight to its target, according to the Army website.
Jolbors Junusaly uulu, a schoolboy of the 10th grade in Bojoi village of Batken region, showed an artillery shell to police found earlier by the children at Sogot pasture.
PNN On Monday morning 8th October, a Palestinian was shot in an Israeli artillery shell in Khan Younes south of the Gaza Strip.
The sources said the four Syrian workers were wounded when an artillery shell hit a house inside an agriculture project in Masharih al-Qaa, close to the border with Syria.
An artillery shell, which is fired with an explosive, is much harder to fit with chemicals than a bomb, which is simply dropped from a plane.
DETECTIVES are trying to trace the owner of a stolen ornamental artillery shell.
Stepping on or driving over these blades would close an electronic circuit which so detonated the explosive - often an artillery shell.
Residents of a quiet corner of suburbia were left counting their blessings after neighbours uncovered an unexploded WWI artillery shell in their garage - and kept schtum for ten days before raising the alarm.
The family posed for pictures with the First World War artillery shell and Sophie's husband, Nick, even tried to clean it with a wire brush because they didn't believe it would blow up.
A company had brought scrap metal to the collection point, and while sorting through it, an object resembling an artillery shell was discovered.
I believe this is an artillery shell and it belonged to my grandfather.