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adj. art·i·er, art·i·est Informal
1. Of or relating to artists or the fine arts.
2. Showily or affectedly artistic.

art′i·ly adv.
art′i·ness n.


in an affectedly creative or aesthetic manner
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Emily has no regrets about her early career which saw her pose naked - but artily - on treats
She's seen washing the doorstep, like a good 1950s woman, going shopping, having tea and pictured artily from behind a street display of prams.
it's in the can GIVE YOUR HERB GARDEN A CHANCE WITH A NEW WATERING CAN SHABBY CHIC, PS40, HOUSE OF FRASER Great for artily (or lazily) overgrown gardens.
Debuting helmer Lee Ji-seung's artily edited and compulsive storytelling tactfully sidesteps the subject's lurid horrors, but still skirts too close to exploitation with a literally jaw-dropping payoff.
My attempt at artily putting six - that's SIX - sets of coloured and clear lights on a less-than-perky plastic pine were routinely cried down with a shoulder shrug followed by a right old jib on my mother which told me, without the use of four letter words, that I'd tried my best but my best obviously wasn't good enough.
And in place of graffiti-covered gates and garish storefronts, there's an artily decorated building housing a Desigual on the corner of 34th and Fifth Avenue.
If you're looking to pop the question to your sweetie, but are seeking non-traditional bling, then Bilingual unisex rings may be just the artily subversive jewelry you're searching for.
Artily shot in black and white, this low budget indie movie has just enough wit, charm and touching romance to entertain.
Their mission involves much unconvincingly staged but artily slo-mo'd derring-do, corny dialogue and jumbled exposition that changes according to either Roy's depressive delusions or Alexandria's personal projections, depending on whose interpretation of the tale is being visualized.