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 (är′tĭ-zən, -sən)
A person skilled in making a product by hand.
Made by hand or by traditional means and using high-quality ingredients; artisanal: artisan cheeses; artisan wine.

[Probably French, from Italian artigiano, from Vulgar Latin *artitiānus, from Latin artītus, skilled in the arts, past participle of artīre, to instruct in the arts, from ars, art-, art; see ar- in Indo-European roots.]

ar′ti·san·ship′ n.


(Crafts) the occupation or product of a craftsperson or artisan
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Furthermore, the production of glassware was stimulated during the 16th century when Prague became the capital of the Holy Roman Empire and Europe's center of culture and artisanship.
3 Hectares of land is for the training of youths in Oil and Gas related artisanship when completed.
Hermes' artisanship was reflected in the food choices.
The Philippines's Ambiente 2018 participation is under the Lifestyle Philippines brand with the theme 'Sustainability through Design,' in which the brand bridges the ecological gap between ethics and aesthetics, infusing nature and artisanship in crafting products for modern living.
Whoever said that artisanship and craftsmanship is a thing of the past has clearly not met these four dynamic and trail-blazing women, and has never seen the fruits of their labor, for they will be proven wrong at an instant.
Bringing together the beauty of precious stones, the elegance of lacquer and artisanship of fine hand engraving on its 925 sterling silver cap, each edition differs in design and meaning to honour the ancient symbols that have inspired them.
For over 15 years, the label has marked a niche for itself when it comes to the makeover of the classic nine yards in luxurious feminine silhouettes that marry delicate artisanship with elegant detailing to ultimately render works of wearable art.
Skilled artisanship remains a valuable profession in modern times.
Finesse is so important to me that we have plaques on the walls in the French Laundry and Per Se kitchens that spell out the definition: "Refinement and delicacy of performance, execution or artisanship.
The Filipino artisanship and craftsmanship in designs, plus the highly-skilled, highly-trainable workforce that showcase ingenuity despite stiffer market competition will help bring back the glory of Marikina as the countrys shoe capital, he concluded.
Bailey's garments, much like Moore's sculptures and drawings, explore the relationship between art and artisanship on the human form: Elongated sleeves and soft shoulders mimic the artist's abstraction of the body--and prove the designer an earnest student of Moore.
Between 1839 and 1878, several mechanics institutes and art schools had been established in the Indian subcontinent by the colonial administration, which, along with the agenda of improving artisanship and training in "fine art", eventually introduced full-fledged courses in "commercial art".