as long as

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as long as

1. During the time that: I'll stay as long as you need me.
2. Since: As long as you've offered, I accept.
3. On the condition that: I will cooperate as long as I am notified on time.

as long as

1. used in conditionals

You can use as long as or so long as to say that one thing is true only if another thing is true. For example, if you say 'As long as you are under 16, you can take part in activities', you mean 'If you are under 16, you can take part in activities'.

You use a simple form after as long as and so long as.

We were all right as long as we kept quiet.
The president need not resign so long as the elections are supervised.
2. duration

You also use as long as to say that something lasts for a long period of time, or for as much time as possible.

Any stomach ache that persists for as long as one hour should be seen by a doctor.
I love football and I want to keep playing as long as I can.

Don't use 'so long as' in this way.

Be Careful!
Don't use 'as long as' when you are talking about distances. Don't say, for example, 'I followed him as long as the bridge'. You say 'I followed him as far as the bridge'.

References in classic literature ?
I want you to stick to the helm, though, as long as you can.
She therefore sent the Prince a large and splendid ruby, with injunctions to wear it night and day as it would protect him from all attacks, but added that the talisman only retained its power as long as the Prince remained within his father's dominions.
be satisfied of that," added he, with a melancholy smile; "for as long as Raoul lives, it will be plainly known, for as long as he lives, I shall live.