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tr.v. as·cer·tained, as·cer·tain·ing, as·cer·tains
1. To discover with certainty, as through examination or experimentation. See Synonyms at discover.
2. Archaic To make certain, definite, and precise.

[Middle English acertainen, to inform, from Old French acertener, ascertain- : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + certain, certain; see certain.]

as′cer·tain′a·ble adj.
as′cer·tain′a·ble·ness n.
as′cer·tain′a·bly adv.
as′cer·tain′ment n.
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Something that has been discovered:


[ˌæsəˈteɪnmənt] Ndeterminación f
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The suffering, whether of martyr or victim, which belongs to every historical advance of mankind, is represented in this way in every town, and by hundreds of obscure hearths; and we need not shrink from this comparison of small things with great; for does not science tell us that its highest striving is after the ascertainment of a unity which shall bind the smallest things with the greatest?
These will include guidelines for ascertainment and case definition in epidemiologic field studies, and recommendations for both exposure assessment methods and a minimal data set of high-importance exposures to be collected in future investigations.
As confirmation of this ascertainment is the newest information that municipality of Centar put aside new 6, 6 million euro for new monuments.
The city of Worcester has had a two-year ascertainment period.
BDI castigated the call of journalist Dragan Pavlovik-Latas for "ethnic mobilization of Macedonians," with the ascertainment that he will divide the country along ethnic lines.
Bulgarian Justice Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Zinaida Zlatanova has recommended a comprehensive inspection of the activity of the Commission on Prevention and Ascertainment of Conflict of Interest (CPACI) due to the scandal in which its former Chair was involved.
Components of First Citizens' comprehensive CRA program that contributed to the bank's outstanding record include ascertainment of credit needs, employee education, outreach efforts including community finance seminars, participation in various loan pools across North Carolina and lending programs aimed at serving the credit needs of the communities it serves, including minority and low to moderate income neighborhoods.
Bulgaria's Commission for Prevention and Ascertainment of Conflict of Interest launched the probe against Semerdzhiev after initiating a self-referral on February 19, 2013 on the basis of media publications, according to reports of private TV station Btv.
All of this insults the intelligence of Albanians and the question is raised- why us Albanians, even after a decade, cannot changed the ascertainment that "we are the biggest enemy of Albanians," concludes Dikena.
Finally, ascertainment of the host cell's physiologic state, particularly apoptosis and necrosis, by genomewide profiling will facilitate separation of primary and secondary effects.
Better ascertainment of foodborne illness is required to improve food safety in Australia, including removing suspect foods from circulation (1,3).
When it is matter of coalition, one should speak about a political agreement and not trust," said Kadriu adding that Gruevski's sayings proves the ascertainment that BDI joined the Government without a political agreement.