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A person who renounces material comforts and leads a life of austere self-discipline, especially as an act of religious devotion.
Relating to, characteristic of, or leading a life of self-discipline and self-denial, especially for spiritual improvement. See Synonyms at severe.

[Late Greek askētikos, from Greek askētēs, practitioner, hermit, monk, from askein, to work.]

as·cet′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.ascetically - in an ascetic mannerascetically - in an ascetic manner; "she lived ascetically in a small house all by herself"
aszkéta módjára


(əˈsetik) adjective
avoiding pleasure and comfort, especially for religious reasons. Monks lead ascetic lives.
an ascetic person.
aˈscetically adverb
aˈsceticism (-sizəm) noun
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Much thought and planning has gone into the design and of this facility both to accommodate for the potential sound annoyance to myself and adjoining neighbors and to be an ascetically [sic] pleasing addition to my property," Hertzberg said in the proposal.
Most of what's out there today are certainly usable and functional if not too ascetically pleasing.
We ascetically work long hours, accepting the constraints imposed on us by others, so that on evenings and weekends, we have the leisure to do whatever the heck we want to do, or nothing at all.
62) The relative age of this particular tradition about the stunning beauty of Na'amah and its seductive effects upon all who beheld her--even the ascetically inclined ministering angels--remains unclear.
Osseointegrated implants have revolutionized the field of dentistry and made restoring missing dentation possible both ascetically and functionally.
To put this more succinctly, Miller writes later (this time on Mac Low's Stanzas for Iris Lezak), "the self is not so much absent from this text as it is ascetically chastened" (61).
Now the world class and environmentally friendly look of the building ascetically from outside at night will complement the top class contribution of performers and artists inside the building as well as the breathtaking renovations that have recently taken place in and around the big edifice.
Although ascetically interesting, the chapter floundered and made one wonder if there were not more significant strategic events that should have been in this book rather than this one.
In Dante's scheme, the vice for which the penitents are being punished is highlighted by a commensurate virtue, experienced ascetically.
1 mL of POME sample was serially diluted in sterile distilled/deionized water and aliquots of the dilutions were ascetically plated into the media (nutrient agar and nutrient broth, resp.
Their pursuit goes far beyond mere recreation as we ascetically endure cold and inevitable sleep loss.
Furthermore, Pasolini made an ambiguous remark with regard to his last and most controversial film, Salo (1975): 'I am surely not planning to create an ascetically political, puritanical film.