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 (ăs′ī′, -kī′)
Plural of ascus.


(ˈæsaɪ; ˈæskaɪ)
(Botany) the plural of ascus


(ˈæs kəs)

n., pl. as•ci (ˈæs aɪ, -kaɪ, -ki)
the sac in ascomycetes in which the spores are formed.
[1820–30; < New Latin < Greek askós bag, sac]
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Working with ASCI has been a good experience all throughout.
5 um high; c) a peridium constituted by very small and flat warts, almost never transversely striated; d) the odour, at first phenolic (3-methylanisole), then grateful due to the presence of ethyl-methyl-chetone, without any phenolic component; e) thecolour of the gleba, light-brown with numerous, irregularly flexuous and subtle sterile veins; f) theovoid (77-95 x 7-115 um) asci, supported by a hooked pedicle and containing 1-6 spores.
We have shared all supporting facts with ASCI and strongly believe that our campaign is compliant with all guidelines.
Con todo, en lo que respecta al trabajo empirico, situamos en el ano 2007 nuestro punto de partida: un cuatrienio en el que se concreta el analisis en profundidad de iniciativas de ASC y ASCI de las entidades que conforman la muestra.
I have been assigned to convince the Qatari government to set up ASCI headquarters in Doha.
Asci added that the what happened in Taksim Square in only the beginning of a non-stop movement that will bring down the Turkish unjust government.
Nearly 10 per cent of sales have come from the UAE, highlighting the potential of Turkey to replace Paris and London in terms of property investment from the Gulf States, Asci noted.
Astas has financed the project through a combination of its own cash reserves, loans from Turkish banks and receipts from pre-sales, Asci said.
Co-regulation will ensure that ASCI and the government work together with all stakeholders to enforce compliance currently vested with ASCI but without any punitive powers.
Called Team Naked Asci, the group even raised nearly $2,000 to contribute to the fundraiser prior to the event.
refiners is at a premium of 40 cents over the ASCI benchmark compared to a premium of 35 cents the previous month, SOMO chief Falah al-Amri said.
Reuters Aa Iraq sets US oil prices against ASCI for 1st time Iraq has set the official selling April price of its Basra light crude to US buyers at a discount of $1.