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 (ăs′kō-mī′sēt′, -mī-sēt′)
Any of numerous fungi of the division Ascomycota, characterized by the presence of haploid spores formed within an ascus, and including truffles, morels, and many food molds. Also called sac fungus.

as′co·my·ce′tous (-sē′təs) adj.
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Adj.1.ascomycetous - related to or characteristic of fungi of the class Ascomycetesascomycetous - related to or characteristic of fungi of the class Ascomycetes
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According to recent findings, however, the pathogen belongs to the Saccharomycetes, an anamorphic, ascomycetous yeast that is the only presently known member of its genus.
Also, plasma membrane-bound multicopper oxidase Fet3p from Saccharomyces cerevisiae which shows both sequence and structural homology with fungal laccase was demonstrated in ascomycetous yeasts.
Diversity of microsatellites in natural populations of ascomycetous fungus, Emericella nidulans, in Israel on local and regional scales.
a novel ascomycetous yeast isolated from the external ear canal of an inpatient in a Japanese hospital.
Metabolic diversity of lichen-forming ascomycetous fungi: culturing, polyketide and shikimate metabolite production, and PKS genes.
Ascomycetous yeasts frequently occur in flowers with sucrose-dominant nectars but rarely occur in flowers with nectar high in monosaccharides (Mittlebach et al.
lycopersici the most common soil-borne ascomycetous fungus is notorious for causing wilt in tomatoes (Park et al.